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The Western Region of North Carolina, often referred to as Western NC or simply WNC, garners a lot of interest and therefore search engine traffic from locals and the abundance of visitors that travel to these mountains each year. AshevilleNow.com is primarily focused on offering in-depth, content driven articles about Asheville, however in doing so we also cover the vast majority of Western NC. The City of Asheville, NC is at the center of Western NC and being the largest city in the area, is the center for culture, art, commerce and politics for the region. In accurately covering Asheville, we have also written an abundance of content about the lifestyle, art and entertainment, culture, history, restaurants, businesses, and outdoor activities in greater Western NC. To begin exploring this diverse region of North Carolina, check out our Asheville NC City Guide. Below is a list of the most commonly searches for Western NC and some links to more information about these topics from our website and elsewhere.

Small Towns in Western NC

Western NC is for the most part a very rural environment with a lot of small towns and communities. In fact many of the larger communities, such as Asheville, are simply a conglomeration of smaller neighborhoods and towns. Asheville is the county seat of Buncombe County and AshevilleNow.com provides in-depth information about the Asheville and information about most of the small towns found in this region of Western NC. One section where we highlight several small towns in Western NC is our Asheville Real Estate section. For more detailed information about small towns in Western NC check out the Western North Carolina article on Wikipedia. This article lists all the counties and towns in Western NC with links to articles about each.

Waterfalls in Western NC

A major draw of Western NC is our Waterfalls. In fact one region of Western NC, Transylvania County and Brevard, has so many waterfalls that is has taken on the slogan “Land of Waterfalls.” Transylvania County may be the hot spot for waterfalls; however all of the 23 counties in Western NC have several waterfalls worth visiting. To simplify your search for beautiful, accessible waterfalls, we have created a Western NC Waterfalls page. Our waterfalls page offers advice and tips for the waterfall hiker as well as a list of highlighted waterfalls in 10 Western NC counties. For more information about waterfalls in Western NC visit the Land of Waterfalls website or www.ncwaterfalls.com

Western NC Mountains

The mountains of Western NC offer a diversity of environments, people and outdoor activities rarely seen anywhere else in the United State. The 23 counties in the western portion of North Carolina lie in the heart of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. While AshevilleNow.com is primarily focused on providing information about Asheville, NC, we also offer a variety of content about the Western NC Mountains that surround the city. Our coverage of mountain activities is especially strong in our Outdoor Activities section, because for most of these activities one must travel outside of the city. Our other sections also include useful information about this mountain region. Begin by exploring our Asheville Guide .

Western NC Real Estate, Realtors and How to Buy Land

Western NC offers a diversity of Real Estate markets uncommon in other regions of similar size. Because of the varied landscape, zoning regulations, development styles, population densities, wealth levels and lifestyles found in this region; Western NC real estate is similarly varied. Buncombe County, in the heart of Western NC, is a prime example. Within the county there rural farmlands, condos, row houses, high priced rural and urban developments, low cost housing, and everything in between. In fact there are parts of the county where a lot might cost over half a million dollars, and yet others where large plots of land, many over a dozen acres, can be purchased for similar or lower prices. To help you sort out the Western NC Real Estate markets and help you select a Western NC Realtor, we have created an extensive and ever growing Asheville Real Estate section. On this page you can search the Western NC MLS, learn about the communities and neighborhoods in the area, realtors and real estate agencies, mortgages, how to buy land in Western NC, and so much more.

Western NC Map

One popular request of visitors to Western NC is a useful map. We have done our best to compile some useful Western NC Maps, some of which include Southeastern TN. Our Maps page includes road and travel maps, maps of hiking trails, state and national parks, the Blue Ridge Parkway and more. We are always looking for new maps of Western NC to add to the page to make it a more useful resource for locals and visitors of these mountains. Visit our Western NC Map page to find a map today.

Bed and Breakfast Western NC

Western NC has the perfect formula for awesome Bed and Breakfasts, an abundance of large, beautiful older homes, and a nearly endless, almost year round supply of tourists. In every corner of Western NC you will find stunning Bed and Breakfasts. They surround every sizable town and community, and are available for those visiting Asheville who want to be a little outside of town, as well so for those who want to be close to the action, within walking distance of Downtown Asheville. Visi our Bed and Breakfasts Guide or our Bed and Breakfasts Directory to find a Western NC B and B.

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