Blue Ridge Mountains - North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains - North Carolina from Smith Woosley on Vimeo.

The Blue Ridge Mountains get their name from a characteristic blue haze seen when observing the range from a distance. Tall peaks and hidden valleys offer surreal views of a truly wild and natural landscape. This timelapse video is my attempt at capturing the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Locations photographed include Mount Mitchell, Linville Falls, Lakes Powhatan and Tahoma, the city of Asheville, and several sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Visit for high resolution images from the video, information about equipment used, a bio of the photographer, and more landscape and wildlife photography. The song is "Dancer dancer", generously provided by To All My Dear Friends, a local group from Asheville. Visit for more of their music.

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Blue Ridge Mountains - North Carolina -  Photography