Rowan Farrell-Trombetta

Rowan Farrell-Trombetta
Company: WNC Functional Health
Rowan is licensed and nationally certified and has been involved in Bodywork Therapies since 1994. She attended the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta, GA becoming certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy, Swedish, and Sports Massage. Skills earned through the Upledger Institute include CranioSacral I, II and SomaticEmotional Release.

She was trained through an extensive six year Apprenticeship in Holistic Midwifery with emphasis on the Wise Woman Tradition. The beautiful pregnant and laboring mothers who graced her apprenticeship honed her skills with first-hand on-the-job training.

During this time she assisted in establishing the first Wholistic Midwifery school in Asheville, NC. Since 2001 she has offered a variety of classes through local massage schools and other venues:

22hr. CEU program entitled, Pregnancy Massage in the Wise Woman Tradition
A Visual History of Massage
Swedish Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Infant Massage
Geriatric Massage
Birth Through The Ages

To schedule an appointment, consultation or arrange classes in your area you may contact Rowan at 828-699-0771.
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