Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis
Company: Acoustic Audio Transfer & Recording
Phone: 828-645-8868
Website: www.acousticaudiotransfer.com
Acoustic Audio Transfer & Recording is Asheville's specialist in the conversion of old vintage recordings on vinyl, cassette and reel tape to CD, Mp3, digital, DVD and more. Do you need to transfer a cassette to CD? Perhaps transfer an audio tape reel to CD? Or maybe convert some vinyl LP to CD , 33.3, 45 or 78 rpm? Acoustic Audio Music Transfer & Recording is the local Asheville specialist in analog tape and vinyl recording to CD, DVD, Mp3 or USB thumb-drive.

We also offer forensic audio services to the legal profession. Acoustic Audio has decades of experience and unique software tools developed to remove noise and improve the listening quality of your precious family recordings and rare music archives. We've even done ultra-rare voice-o-gram vinyl from the WW2 and Korean War era!


Call 828-645-8868
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