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Welcome to our Asheville Beer and Brewing guide. Over the years quite a few local breweries have opened their doors and now some darn fine beer is brewing right here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Beer has been brewed in these mountains for centuries, but the local commercial microbrewery scene was kicked into overdrive by a little event called "Pop The Cap."

On August 13, 2005, Governor Mike Easley signed House Bill 392 into law, lifting the 6% ABV cap to a more-reasonable 15%. This grassroots movement allowed the beer community to explode here in Asheville and because of it we have some of the best beer in the Southeast; both imported and locally brewed.

This section is dedicated to all things beer in Asheville and Western NC. In this section you will find Local Breweries, featured Pubs, Bars, and Brewpubs, Asheville Beer Stores and Distributors, Beer Centric Festivals and Events, the Asheville Brews Cruise, featured In-Depth Beer Articles, Beer Resources, Links, Blogs, and more. We hope that you enjoy the content and remember to enjoy your beer!

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Featured Article: Asheville, Land of Op-beer-tunity

Asheville Beer

In this time of economic uncertainty, there is one constant; people who enjoy libations are certainly going to continue to do so. Even those who are finding it hard to make ends meet still partake in the joy of sharing a pitcher with a friend. One specific group is craft beer enthusiasts. With our current hop crisis and more limited grain resources, beer lovers are coughing up more now for six-packs, pitchers and pints. Here in Asheville, we have not seen a significant shift in the way consumers are delving out cash for the brews they love and will hopefully only see an upswing.

Asheville seems to be gaining more beer clout all of the time. It is the craft beer hub for not just Western North Carolina but the South in general. Read more...

Breweries in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Barley for Brewing Beer

Western North Carolina, and more specifically Asheville, is home to an impressive selection of breweries and brewpubs. A few have been around since the early 90’s, but most have opened their doors in the last 10 years. Regardless of when they opened, all the breweries in North Carolina have benefited from the 2005 state legislation which raised the state maximum ABV from 6% to 15%.

Begin your exploration of Asheville’s vibrant microbrewing scene with our Asheville Breweries page.

Asheville Brewing

Featured Pubs, Bars, and Brewpubs

Barleys Taproom Asheville

With the impressive selection of local and regional beers and hordes of craft brew aficionados it is no surprise that Asheville, NC is home to a number of bars and pubs with large beer selections. Whether you are into draft beers on tap or rare imported bottled beers there is a bar or pub to serve your unique tastes.

To begin visit our Asheville Bars, Pubs and Brewpubs page or click on one of the bar logos below.

Asheville Bars and Pubs

Asheville Beer Stores and Distributors

Bruisin Ales Asheville, Interior
Bruisin' Ales - Photo Tim Barnwell

Finding high quality local, regional, domestic, and international beers in Asheville is as easy as visiting one of Asheville’s many specialty grocers or beer and wine stores. Along with these specialty grocers and stores, local and regional beers can be found at many traditional grocery stores and even some gas stations in the Asheville area.

Visit our Asheville Beer Stores and Distributors page to learn more.

Beer Centric Festivals and Events

Asheville Festival Crowd

The mountains of Western North Carolina have a rich cultural events scene with numerous music and craft festivals, sporting events, performing arts festivals and outdoor and nature related gatherings. While many of these events and festivals serve beers including local microbrews; there are several events that cater directly to beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Visit our Asheville Beer Events and Festivals page to explore these beer centric events.

Asheville Brews Criuse

Asheville Brews Cruise

Asheville Brews Cruise began as the brainchild of Mark and Trish Lyons, and stemmed from their numerous excursions to the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. The Lyons passion for craft brewed beers followed them to Asheville in 2000 when they moved here from Sedona, AZ. Both Trish and Mark were delighted to learn that similar to Seattle and Portland, Asheville had its own brewing personality.

Mark first developed a taste for great beer while traveling the world when in the Air Force. His love of craft brewed beers and the microbrew industry really became evident in the mid 90's, while attending Appalachian State University. Read More...

Beer Resources, Links, and Blogs

Beer Bottle Caps

Want to delve further into the realm of good beer? We have compiled a list of what we consider some of the best beer related Resources, Links and Blogs around. So explore, enjoy, and come back for more.

In-Depth Beer Articles


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