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It is our mission at AshevilleNow.com to be the most comprehensive informational resource for Asheville and Western North Carolina. We work hard to present a fresh, authentic perspective on the city of Asheville and Western NC, and provide the most accurate portrayal of area resources. With the help of visitor feedback and community contribution, we are confident that we can to properly represent the local color and vitality that make Asheville, North Carolina one of the most amazing places on earth.

AshevilleNow.com is not only in service to our site visitors, but are also a great resource for community leaders and area business owners by offering free business and event listing and affordable advertising space. Our clients gain focused placement on pages that are directly related to the products or services that they sell.

The Creators of AshevilleNow.com

Justin Belleme hard at work developing new programs - Asheville, NC
Justin Belleme - Asheville, NC

Justin Belleme

I have lived in the mountains and piedmont of western North Carolina for my entire life and currently reside in East Asheville. I enjoy the outdoors, participating in sports, and cooking.

I was taught to appreciate nature at a very young age, and the Appalachian Mountains provide countless opportunities for me to explore and enjoy. I really love the Asheville area, and I am happy to be able to give back through this website. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and family for their endless support and criticism that have helped Nathan and I to create what we feel is a wonderful content-rich resource for Western North Carolina.

Nathan Kempner - Asheville, NC
Nathan Kempner enjoying a glass of wine with friends - Asheville, NC

Nathan Kempner

I am a passionate individual who loves this existence, people, and every minute that I get to partake in life’s adventures. I am an extravert to a “T,” and believe honor, integrity, and our wealth of experiences are what we have if everything else is stripped from us.

I love to socialize with good people, accomplish goals, do anything in nature (I am active!), practice Natural Spirit Fist, ride my motorcycle (BMW r1100s), travel, explore, and break bread with those I love. I feel honored to be part of this project and hope that I can in some small way give Asheville the web presence that it so deserves. We are a beautiful land and beautiful people and what better job than to share with the world why Asheville is so darn special.

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About Us - Nathan Kempner and Justin Belleme