Waterfalls in Yancey County, NC

Crabtree Falls, Waterfall on Big Creek

Waterfalls Near Asheville

Yancey County has a small border with Buncombe County and is located mostly north and slightly east of Asheville. The county seat is Burnsville, NC, which is located 36 miles north of Asheville. Yancey County is home to several waterfalls including one which is accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

For more on Yancey County visit Wikipedia’s Yancey County Article.

Crabtree Falls (Upper Falls)

Directions: Crabtree Falls is the main attraction at the Crabtree Meadows Recreation area. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway to Milepost 339.5. Turn right and enter the campground, and park your car in the parking area just beyond the gatehouse. The trail leads from the parking lot to the falls.

Trail Length: The trail is a loop. It is 0.9 miles to the falls, and about 2.5 miles total.
Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Waterfall on Big Creek

Directions: From Burnsville, drive west on U.S. 19E for about 5 miles. Turn right onto U.S. 19W and drive for almost 18 miles. You will see a pull-off on the left side of the road.

Trail Length: Falls can be viewed from the roadside.
Trail Difficulty: No Sweat! Handicapped accessible.

Waterfalls Near Asheville

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Waterfalls in Yancey County