Waterfalls in Rutherford County, NC

Hickory Nut Falls at Chimney Rock Park

Waterfalls Near Asheville

Rutherford County is located to the southeast of Asheville, and is accessible through several routes, most notable Hwy 74-A. The county seat is Rutherfordton, often pronounced “Rufton” by locals. Rutherford is located 45 miles down 74-A past Lake Lure, NC, however the major waterfall in Rutherford County is only about half way to Rutherfordton. Located in Chimney Rock Park, Hickory Nut Falls is one of the best known waterfalls in Western North Carolina. The Chimney Rock Park, which includes Lake Lure, makes for a great day trip from Asheville, or even a great home base for your next visit to the mountains of North Carolina.

For more on Rutherford County visit Wikipedia’s Rutherford County Article.

Hickory Nut Falls

Directions: Hickory Nut Falls is located within Chimney Rock Park, a private commercial attraction which requires that visitors pay a fee of $14 for adults and $6 for children. The entrance to the park is on U.S. 64/74. Please note that there are other waterfalls within this park. More information can be found at the following web site: www.chimneyrockpark.com.

Trail Length: There are two trails to the top which are 0.75 miles long. The trail to the bottom viewing area is 0.7 miles long.
Trail Difficulty: Both trails to the top are fairly difficult. The trail to the bottom is moderate.

Waterfalls Near Asheville

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Waterfalls in Rutherford County