Waterfalls in Henderson County, NC - Rock Creek Falls

Waterfalls Near Asheville

Henderson County is located directly to the south of Buncombe County, extending all the way to South Carolina. The county seat is Hendersonville, which is located 25 miles south of Asheville on Hwy 26. Henderson County is not known for having an abundance of waterfalls. The major river in the county is the Green River, which is a popular Kayaking river, but its only major falls is located in the treacherous narrows of the Green River Gorge and is basically inaccessible by foot. There is however one waterfalls worth featuring in Henderson County, Rock Creek Falls.

For more on Henderson County visit Wikipedia’s Henderson County Article.

Rock Creek Falls

Directions: Take U.S. 25 South from downtown Hendersonville for about 9 miles and exit (make a right) onto Green River Road (S.R. 1106). Drive 2.7 miles and turn right onto Rock Creek Road (S.R. 1107). Drive 0.8 miles to a fork, and then drive 0.1 miles on the right side of the fork to the falls.

Trail Length: Falls can be viewed from the roadside.
Trail Difficulty: No sweat! Handicapped accessible.

Waterfalls Near Asheville

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Waterfalls in Henderson County