Tips for an Enjoyable Skiing or Snowboarding Trip in Western NC

Skiing & Snowboarding

Whether you are a first time skier or an experienced pro, it is always a good idea to check out the skiing and snowboarding tips listed below. Some of these are specific to skiing in Western NC, while others are more general skiing tips that could be used for skiing trips anywhere in the world.

Check Before You Drive

In December and March you should check to make sure the resort is open before you make the trip. You can also get the current conditions on the mountain to help you be better prepared. Usually the website is up-to-date but it never hurts to speak to a live person on the mountain.

Bring Clothes

The mountains around Asheville are notorious for their fickle weather. Be prepared for sunny sixties and blue skies in the morning and snow in the afternoon. I always bring what I need for a worst case scenario kind of day. Keep all your extras in a duffle in a locker or in your car.

Prepare For Snow

Snowboarder Gets Big Air off a Jump

Whether it is natural or man-made, snow hurts. You will want something for your eyes-goggles or glasses with a very light tint-and whatever clothing it takes to minimize exposed skin. Also be prepared to be wet. "Making" snow requires a lot more water than nature uses so a waterproof jacket, pants, and gloves are highly recommended.

Eat, Eat, and Eat

Most people wouldn't think of exercising for more than an hour and a half but they won't hesitate to go out and ski for eight hours straight. Meal breaks give your body a chance to rest. Because you are more active and your body is also working harder to keep you warm you need more calories than normal to keep your body well fueled. Besides, it's a vacation. Food is part of the fun.

Try the Hard Stuff First

Most beginners will ski the easy trails all day until they get the guts to try the hard run at the top of the mountain. By then they are worn out and usually get hurt. It's better to take a few warm up runs and then try that hard trail early in the day while you're still in top form. If you need more time to work up to the big run do a full day of easy stuff and then tackle the black diamond early the next day.

Quit While You're Ahead

If you have the shakes don't try for another run no matter how much you want it. Better to be short a run and able to ski the next day than to be sitting in a hospital with a serious injury. Ask any ski patroller and they will tell you that the majority of accidents happen just before closing time. If you absolutely must take another run make sure it's on terrain that is well within your ability level.

Go Hot Tubbin'

On multi-day ski trips nothing will keep you going stronger than a good soak in a hot tub every night. If you don't have a tub, than take a hot shower and stretch before you go to bed.

Skiing & Snowboarding

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