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Some people think that winter is the cold and muddy recess between epic sessions of outdoor activity in Asheville. While that seems to be true due to the lack of snow and abundance of mud during the winter months, I feel that all hope is not lost. Skiing and snowboarding can offer any outdoor enthusiast a chance to try something new, use different muscles, and sharpen balance and reaction skills. And though skiing and snowboarding are probably the only outdoor adventure sports that Asheville does not possess in world class caliber, there are some great resorts and slopes not far from Asheville that offer terrain to suit all abilities from beginner to expert.

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Winter is painfully short in Western North Carolina. Cold weather can appear as early as thanksgiving but the useable stints of cold weather don't really set in until late December. Skiing in North Carolina lives or dies by the ability of the resorts to make snow. In the last two or three years most of the ski areas in the region have put lots of dollars into their snow making systems. This makes it possible for them to open large amounts of terrain quickly, but the whole process is still weather dependent. Most resorts have eighty to ninety percent of their terrain open by Christmas but January is really the golden month for skiing in Western North Carolina. If you make sure to save your sick days you can almost be guaranteed at least one powder day in January or February. Being a Western NC native, there has never been a winter in my life where there wasn't at least one eight-inch snowfall, in these mountains, to play in. You simply have to be ready to go when it falls.

As a general rule the resorts start closing the first week in March; however, things can last until the third week. It just depends on weather and demand. Just remember that when our season is winding down the big boys out west are still getting fresh snow and you can usually find discounted rates to boot. It just makes sense to take advantage of all those finely tuned muscles you developed while skiing the spring crud in Western North Carolina and take a trip to the land of powder snow-wherever that happens to be for you.

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Asheville Area Ski Resorts, Slopes, and Snow Tubing Parks

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There are several popular Western North Carolina Ski Resorts in the higher elevations near Asheville, especially to the northeast. Many of these resorts are located in close proximity to popular resort towns such as Boone, Banner Elk, and Beech Mountain, NC.

Find a Ski Resort Near Ashville.

Tips for an Enjoyable Skiing or Snowboarding Trip

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Whether you are an experienced winter sports enthusiast or you’re a first times skier it is important to prepared for your next skiing or snowboarding trip. Visit our Ski Trip Tips page for some useful information for enjoying your next winter outing in Western North Carolina.

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Skiing and Winter Sport Outfitters Near Asheville

Ski Gear

A long with the gear shops that can be found at the resorts, Western North Carolina offers the following skiing and snowboarding outfitters.

Skiing and Winter Sports Outfitters

Online Skiing and Snowboarding Resources

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About the Author

Michael Erb is a winter enthusiast no matter how hard it rains in January. During the winter he can be found skiing, telemarking, or snowboarding depending on the weather. He is a volunteer ski patroller and hopes that you enjoy your winter expeditions in the area.


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