Chris Brunt Interview (8/31/06)

Mike Belleme Interviews Local Skateboarders

Skateboarding in Asheville

Asheville Skater - Chris Brunt
Brunt tunnel skating out
west - Michael Belleme
360 flip by Chris Brunt
Brunt 360 flip - Eric Mitchell
Wall Ride on a Skateboard by Chris Brunt
Brunt wall ride - Eric Mitchell

What is your favorite non-skateboarding activity?
Right now, I’m pretty into rolling dice.

What is your favorite city to skate in?
Atlanta Georgia.

What is your favorite Asheville spot?
I’ll tell you when we get it.

When is your video coming out?
In about a month, were setting a premiere date in a few days. This will probably be out after that’s all said and done though.

You have been labeled by many as a hater. Why do you hate?
I just dislike more stuff than I like, and I’m very vocal about the stuff I don’t like. I’m equally as vocal about the things I do like, but no one seems to pay attention to that.

What do you hate?
You asked that already. A lot of stuff sucks.

What are your top 3 favorite words (keeping in mind this is for a family website)?
Suede, tallow, and any non-coherent yelling.

What is skateboarding all about?
Killing yourself to live.

Who has the best nose blunt slide in Asheville?
Noseblunts are played.

Skateboarding in Asheville

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Interview with Chris Brunt