Baxter Harrel Interview (8/31/06)

Mike Belleme Interviews Local Skateboarders

Skateboarding in Asheville

Asheville Skater - Baxter Harrel
Baxter and Eric huddle around
camera - Michael Belleme
Allyoop Backside 180
Baxter allyoop backside 180
over rail at the Old Courthouse
- Eric Mitchell
Backside Lipslide
Baxter backside lipslide at skate
plaza - Matt Bader

So, what it do?
Haha not much.

Your a youngster huh? How old are you?

How bummed are you that you didn't get to come to San Francisco with Brunt and I?
Very, broken wrists and school starting made that work out nicely.

Would you consider yourself a ladies man?
No, but I'll say yes.

You are often seen wearing baggy pants, but sometimes you wear tight pants. So which is it tight or baggy?
As tight as possible.

Are you sick of people asking you if you are going to nollie flip the Prichard Park big three?
Haha, I haven't actually heard it in a while.

Are you going to nollie flip the Prichard park big three?
I guess I should give it another shot.

Any words of advice to the younger youngsters of Asheville?
Only do rocket ollies and flyouts, they're the new handrails.

Skateboarding in Asheville

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Interview with Baxter Harrel