Skateparks and Skateshops in Asheville and Western NC

Skateboarding in Asheville

Asheville Area Skateparks

Food Lion Stakepark, North of Downtown Asheville, NC
Charles Whalen frontside grab
- Eric Mitchell

Asheville’s Food Lion Skatepark is a large concrete park located on Cherry St. in downtown Asheville. It’s ideal for transition (ramp) and bowl skaters, but is not very street skater friendly. There is a mini bowl at the top, which is great for beginners and is also fun for more advanced skaters for cruising around and getting warmed up. The middle section of the park is the most popular and highly trafficked. This is the part of the park where competitions and demos take place. The far end of the park is a big bowl (which is meant to simulate a pool).


There are a few other parks in the Asheville area that are more street oriented. A few that are worth checking out are: Boarder’s Paradise in Waynesville, Zero Gravity in Brevard, and the Saluda Skatepark. Boarder’s Paradise and Zero Gravity are both indoor parks. These are perfect for the rainy day sessions

Asheville Area Skateshops

Push Skateshop on Patton Ave. in Downtown Asheville
Inside Push Skateshop

Push Skateshop
25 Patton Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Flipside Boardshop
88 N Lexington Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Skateboarding in Asheville

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Asheville Skateparks and Skateshops