Places to Skateboard in Asheville, NC - Western NC Skate Spots

Skateboarding in Asheville

Staduim Hubba, a Popular Asheville Skate Spot
Eric Hunt frontside noseslide at
Stadium Hubba - Eric Mitchell
Health Department, a Downtown Asheville Skate Spot
Mike kickflips the Health
Department bump to rail
- Eric Mitchell

Alright, if you’ve made it this far, you probably actually skate. So here’s the scoop on Skating Asheville. If you are a street skater coming into town for a visit or if you are a local who is just getting into it, these are some of the spots worth taking a look at:

  • AC Reynolds High School: Tons of ledges, two handrails, manual pads, gaps, etc
  • Nature Center Basketball Courts: Perfect metal box, bleachers, plastic bench, trash can, whatever else people bring out on any given day. (Put the box back against the wall when you are done with it PLEASE).
  • Amboy: Concrete ledges, and one metal ledge.
  • Beaver Dam: Perfect ledges, but you will rarely last over 15 minutes before you get the boot.
  • Prichard Park: Big Three: The equivalent of a 9 stair. Lots of people, cars, and cops to look out for.
  • Haw Creek UP Rail: Square mellow up rail.
  • Armory: Parking log to parking lot drainage ditch.
  • Vance: Ledges, a nice wall to do tricks over, and if you bring you’re A-game you can step up to the “Travis Gap,” 7ft high 14ft wide.
  • UNCA: A couple rails, lots of steps, manual pads, ledges, gaps, etc.
  • HESS rail: flat bar over a gap. It’s kinda tall. I still have a bald spot on my head from last time I tried to skate it.
  • Health Dept: 3 up 3 down, benches, a ledge, a flatbar off a ledge, bump to rail.
  • Stadium Hubba: 6-stair hubba. Steep!
  • Trevi: Lots of stairs.
  • Monorail: Ledge over gap.

These should keep you busy for a while. For directions stop bye our local shop and ask about any of these spots.

Trevi, an Asheville Skate in Biltmore Village
Mike rail ollie at Trevi - Eric Mitchell
AC Reynolds, a Skate Spot near Fairview, NC
Mike noseblunt at AC Reynolds High School - Eric Mitchell
Armory, an Asheville Skate Spot
Mike 360 flip at the Armory - Eric Mitchell
Nature Center, a Popular Skate Spot East of Asheville
Mike nosegrind at the Nature Center - Brian Derballa

Skateboarding in Asheville

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Skate Spots in Asheville, NC