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Rob ollies the bank to bank. Skateboarding silhouette photo.
Rob ollies bank to bank
- Jon Svendsen

It’s hard to say what it is about Asheville that makes it so artistically inclined. There is just something about the mountains that provokes creativity. Skateboarding is a creative outlet that is often overlooked and is rarely associated with Asheville. North Carolina is actually one of the best states in the country for skateboarding. Although North Carolina’s skate scene mostly revolves around Raleigh, Asheville is also home to some very talented skaters and enough spots to keep us busy.

Skateboarding in downtown Asheville and on private property is illegal. Skateboarding without proper safety equipment can be dangerous.

Skateboarding and Architecture

Asheville Skateboarding Architecture
Mike puts in work for a spot at
Westgate - Chris Brunt

Street skating is all about Architecture. Skateboarders view the world in an entirely different way. We are constantly observing every aspect of our surroundings dividing everything into three categories: skatable, non-skatable, and potentially skatable. There are countless observations that need to be made before this determination can be made. This constant search is part of the creativity of skateboarding. Finding something that was not made for skateboarding and making it work.

The Legal Issues of Skateboarding

Legal Aspects of Asheville Skateboarding
Sometimes you just have to walk
away - Chris Brunt

Another unfortunate struggle that skaters face is that in the city of Asheville, as well as in any other city in the country, skateboarding is illegal outside of a skatepark. Simply standing on a skateboard in the city of Asheville can result in a $150 ticket. Most of the time you will be let off with a warning. You get to know what times and days are okay to skate each spot to avoid getting hassled. Business hours are not the best time for street skating, but don’t forget, there’s always the park.

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Why I Love Skateboarding In Asheville

Asheville Native Matt Mercer aka Atreyu

To me the greatest thing about Asheville skateboarding is that because we have such a small tightly knit skate scene, we are not divided into little clicks and subdivisions of skaters. For example in bigger cities, all of the kids who listen to a certain kind of music or have certain interests skate with each other and nobody else. In Asheville we skate with whoever else wants to skate. We use skateboarding as a common ground to bring together people of different ages and backgrounds. In Asheville it is not uncommon to see a 30 year old wearing flannel shirt and tight jeans skating along side a 14 year old kid wearing a tall tee and a gold chain. Skateboarding in Asheville in particular bridges gaps of time, style, and culture. However, naturally you are going to relate to some people more than others. The following are interviews with a few of the guys that I enjoy skating with the most.

Asheville Skateparks and Skateshops

Food Lion Skate Park

The Asheville area is home to several skateboard parks and skateshops.

Find a Skatepark or Skateshop in Asheville

Asheville Skate Spots

Gnarliest Drop In

As with every city, the locats know the best Skate Spots. Asheville is no different, and while the skatespots aren't always in abundance, they do exist. Explore this section to learn about a few of the most popular skate spots in and around Asheville.

Begin Exploring Asheville Skate Spots

Mike Belleme Interviews Local Skateboarders

Eric Hunt

About the Author - Michael Belleme

Author and Asheville Skater Michael Belleme

I’m Mike Belleme the author of this page and brother of the founder of this site. I’ve been skating for about nine years. Skateboarding has taken me a lot of places and introduced me to a lot of people. It’s not all good. I have broken both of my arms, which made for the worst eight months of my life. However, skateboarding is what I do and it makes me who I am. I am glad to have been raised in the Asheville area. It’s a perfect place to start skating. I always hear kids complain about not having enough spots here (I’m guilty of this too) but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been to a lot of the major skate cities in the country and skated some of the best spots in the world, but I’m in no rush to get out of Asheville.


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