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The Mountains of Western North Carolina assure you breathtaking views and scenic vistas no matter whether you are floating on one of the many rivers and streams or sitting high up on a ridge top. One of the first things you will notice about Asheville is that it is a very green place. Nature and natural beauty is abundant in Asheville and exemplified through the striking landscape and the beautiful people. However, there are several places where Asheville’s splendor is magnified and readily assessable to the public. We, the good folks at AshevilleNow, would like to share just a few of those places. Please enjoy, and remember to respect and help protect these places so that they stay beautiful and retain their majesty for years to come.

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Scenic View Near Caesars Head SC, South of Asheville

Breathtaking Spots North of Asheville

Beautiful View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Among the many spectacular scenic views of North Asheville, a few stand out and shine. A short drive from Downtown Asheville is the Grove Park Inn’s Back Porch on beautiful Sunset Mountain. This vista offers a luxurious atmosphere but also a very relaxed one...

Learn More About Must See Spots North of Asheville.

Breathtaking Spots South of Asheville

Ceasars Head in South Carolina

South of Downtown Asheville, NC there are so many spectacular spots you could spend ten years or a lifetime visiting all of them. Here are a few highlights. The Biltmore Estate, is perhaps one of the best know tourist destinations of Asheville and its grounds are something to be marveled at...

Discover the Beauty South of Asheville.

Breathtaking Spots East of Asheville

Overlook at Linville Gorge

East of Asheville holds some special treats for those who are willing to drive a bit. All of the Scenic Views listed are from 20 minutes to 2 hours drive time from Downtown Asheville. Black Mountain and Montreat, Asheville’s quaint Appalachian down home neighbors, are approximately 20 – 30 minutes away but are true gems of Western North Carolina...

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Breathtaking Spots West of Asheville

Flowers at the NC Arboretum

If you want wild and unspoiled wilderness and some of the true beauty of Western North Carolina then go west. The North Carolina Arboretum is a short 20 minute jaunt west of Downtown Asheville and is a wonderful place for the whole family, from kids to grandparents...

To Learn About Real Beauty, Explore West of Asheville.



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