Types of Rock Climbing

Traditional, Sport, Ice, Mixed, Bouldering, Aide

Rock Climbing Intro

Traditional Climbing

Fruit Loops traverse variation - Rumbling Bald

Traditional climbing is a form of rock climbing where the climber places all of the protection (with the exception of anchors in some cases). Typically the goal of the leader is not to fall (weight the gear). Trad-climbing is a form of lead climbing and is mainly done in cracks.

Sport Climbing

Man sport climbing

Sport Climbing is a form of rock climbing where there are bolts with hangers preset on a route by the first accent party. This type of climbing is often steep, hard and sometimes overhanging. The focus is "clip and go," lightweight is the name of the game. Falling many times to figure out the moves to a route is not uncommon in the process of building up to the red point. Bolts are typically drilled on repel.


Zach Harris bouldering

Bouldering is rock climbing without a rope, on free-standing rocks. Generally a serious fall from bouldering will result in injury not death, unless you are talking about highballs! Climbing shoes and a crash pad are the main tools of a boulderer but a good spot from a buddy is highly recommended.

Aide Climbing

Aide Climbing

Aide Climbing is sixth class climbing, meaning you are using only gear and equipment to ascend the rock face. This is often a full day or multi-day event.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbers

Ice Climbing is the accent of frozen waterfalls. This should only be attempted by experienced climbers and is uncommon in this area. However, there are a couple of sites in Western North Carolina (you are on your own here).

Mixed Climbing

Mixed Climbing uses the same tools as and is similar to ice climbing but you ascend a mixture of rock and ice. The author is not aware of any mixed climbing in WNC.

More fun with Climbing

Buildering also known as Urban Climbing

Buildering - climbing on buildings also called urban climbing.

  • Caution: This is not always a good idea in the eyes of law enforcement officials and property owners. We at Asheville Now do not condone buildering although it can be fun.
  • Rumored spots: Old ASU Library, Asheville Civic Center, Various Fire Towers in the area, get creative people! - again we don't condone buildering.

Rock Climbing Intro

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