Types of Rock Climbing Gear and Upkeep Tips

Rock Climbing Intro

This list of gear is for reference only and it is important to note that there are all types of brands to choose from. It is up to the climber to choose what is best for him/her. A good fit is most important here!

Basic Bouldering Gear
Climbing Shoes
Boulder Pad (optional)
Chalk Bag (optional)
Brush or other cleaning tool

Gear Required for Basic Top-roping
Climbing Shoes (optional)
Chalk Bag (optional)
Webbing, slings, static rope (for anchors)
Personal anchor system (advised)
Locking carabiners
Belay device

Gear Required for Lead Climbing (in addition to basic gear)
Note: Light leading rack for WNC would consist of a small set of 4 camming units and a full set of 3 camming units in addition to passive gear. This is the authors suggestion for basic climbing in WNC, however some people are known to double up on the sets of cams depending on the routes they choose to climb.

Quick draws
Personal anchor system
Slings (all sizes, short and long)

Active Gear
  • 4 camming units
    • C4 Camalots
    • Friends
    • Power cams
  • 3 camming units
    • TCU's
    • C3's
    • Aliens
Passive Gear
  • Nuts or stoppers & nut tool
  • Micronuts or brassies
  • Hexes
  • Tri-cams
Belaying Devices
Belaying Devices
Quick Draws
Quick Draws
C4 Camalots
C4 Camalots
Passive Gear
Passive Gear
Care for your rope and it will care for you

Care for Rope

  • Rope inspection should be done before and after each use!
  • Wash rope in warm water and a very mild soap (If dry treated rope do not wash!)
  1. Step on the rope.
  2. Leave it in the sun for extended periods.
  3. Don't store near chemicals, gas, battery acid, etc.
Retirement Reasons:
  1. Exceeded # of falls.
  2. 5 yrs is the basic minimum / 3 yrs if you climb weekly / 2 yrs if you climb daily.
  3. Damaged.
Trad Crack climbing

Care for Other Gear

  • A full inspection of all gear is important every time you go out and when you come back in!
  • All gear should be stored in a cool dry place and not left in the sun for long periods of time.
  • Camming units should be routinely cleaned and lubricated.
  • It is important to check the stitching on your harness (specifically the belay loop).
Retirement Reasons:
  1. Broken or not working well.
  2. Hardware that has been dropped from a significant height.
  3. loose stitching or tears in harnesses or slings.

Rock Climbing Intro

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