Determining the Appropriate Type of Rock Climbing Trip for You

Rock Climbing Intro

Things you need to consider include:

  • Know what is available as far as open climbing sites in the area.
    To view closures check here: - If you check individual locations this site will usually give you a good indication of closures and other good information. It is updated regulary.

  • Know what the Focus of the Trip is (social, recreational, training, competition, spiritual).
  • Consider the size of your party and how that might affect or impact other rock climbers in the area.
  • Consider the fitness level and experience level of your partner(s)
    • You should ask yourself, "Am I top-roping, lead climbing, single-pitch v.s. multi-pitch, etc?"

  • Consider the approach and how far it is (time frame, proximity, slope, trail difficulty)
  • Make sure you have the appropriate gear for the area you wish to climb.
  • Know the overall range of ratings at a certain climbing site.

Rock Climbing Intro

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