Mountain Biking in the Mills River Area - Near Brevard, NC

Mountain Biking in WNC

The Mills River area contains a variety of moderate to difficult trails in a more backcountry setting than most others in the region. The Turkeypen trailhead is located off of NC 280 about 30 minutes Southwest of Asheville, and makes a great place to start for several different rides, described below:

Trail Crossing Mills River

1. Riverside Trail (4 miles)
Level and easy, this trail (from the Turkeypen trailhead) is only to be ridden on a hot summer day. Crossing after crossing of the river will keep you cool and make you wonder whether you actually came to ride, or swim! Is that a fish caught in your spokes? The scenery can't be beat and the water will feel great in contrast to a hot, humid summer afternoon.

2. South Mills River Trail (12 miles)
See the Riverside Trail above, but throw in some suspension bridges, about 3 times the length, and some long hills, and you've got a more difficult ride that also connects to some of the area's most difficult trails (such as Squirrel Gap below) for loop options.

3. Squirrel Gap (12 to 15 mile loops)
Climbing from the Mills River high into the mountains above, the Squirrel Gap trail might as well be wilderness. This narrow, difficult trail connects with several others in the area and makes several excellent, all-day outings possible. This is one you won't want to tackle alone: try contacting Pisgah Area SORBA to find out when their next group ride will be.

More information about Mills River: Click Here

Mountain Biking in WNC

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Mountain Biking in the Mills River Area