Mountain Biking in the Bent Creek Area - Asheville NC

Mountain Biking in WNC

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, Bent Creek is a popular place for locals to take after-dinner rides, but its easier trails are especially nice for people new to Mountain Biking as a sport or just new to riding in Asheville. It is in the Pisgah National Forest. Here are some trails to look for at Bent Creek:

Mountain Biking at Bent Creek, First Person View Over Handlebars

1. Campground Connector (1 mile)
This easy ride on an old gravel road makes an excellent choice for first-time mountain bikers or families with small children. Connecting to several other trails in the area, the trail starts beside Lake Powhatan and the campground and winds along Bent Creek further into the Forest. Many longer rides in Bent Creek will make use of this trail as well.

2. Boyd Branch (1.5 mile loop)
Take the Campground Connector to Boyd Branch, an easy, 1 1/2 mile loop using a gravel road and a single-track trail. (Single-track means a trail wide enough for just one bike at a time). Throw in a small creek crossing and you've got a great easy loop any time of the year.

3. Pine Tree Loop (2 mile loop)
Ready to advance? Take the moderate Pine Tree Loop trail along Bent Creek and up into the hills and meadows along the lower slopes of Grassy Knob. The roots, rocks, and short climbs will challenge your skills and there are numerous opportunities to connect with other trails from here.

4. Green's Lick (2.5 mile trail, 8-10 mile loop)
This difficult, strangely named trail is accessible in a variety of ways. Try North Boundary Road for a long, rolling climb or take Little Hickory Top for a grueling ascent up to Green's Lick. For the shortest route, follow Laurel Branch road about 1.5 miles up the creek valley to the bottom. Once you're there, enjoy a fast, roller-coaster like trail (heading downhill) which was newly built with mountain bikers specifically in mind. Banked curves, technical steeps and creek crossings add spice and make this ride really nice!

More information about Bent Creek: Click Here

Download Bent Creek Trail Map: JPG (500 KB) | PDF (1.40 MB)

Mountain Biking in WNC

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Mountain Biking at Bent Creek Area in Pisgah National Forest