WNC Motorcycle Routes and Rides (The Places We Ride)

Motorcycle Riding Intro

Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Parkway

One the World’s most traveled scenic highway. This road offers many lookout points, camping, hiking and limited food and inn accommodations. A nice ride for seeing the mountains. Speed limit strictly enforced; federal property. Learn more by visiting our: Blue Ridge Parkway Page.

Park Rangers - If an event should happen on the Blue Ridge Parkway call the Park Rangers at 1-800-727-5928

Mt. Mitchell - Ride the Parkway north to mile marker 29.9 and take a view of the World. This is a place with restaurants working on a limited schedule. Learn more by visiting the: Mt. Mitchell web site.

Mt. Pisgah - 5,000 foot elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway with breathtaking views and a place to rest your head at the Pisgah Inn. Learn more by visiting the: Pisgah Inn web site.

Parkway Access Points
  1. Bull Gap (Merrimon Ave. to Beaver Dam Lake Rd. to Elk Mountain Scenic Hwy OR Merrimon Ave. to Reems Creeks to Ox Creek Road)
  2. Craven Gap (Merrimon Ave. to Beaver Dam Lake Rd. to Webb Cove Rd.)
  3. Hwy. 70 (Tunnel Road) several miles west of Mall.
  4. Hwy. 74a between East Asheville and Fairview.
  5. Hwy. 25 between South Asheville and Arden.
  6. Hwy. 191 (Brevard Road) 2 Miles East of the Hwy 26.
  7. Hwy. 151 from Candler.

Town Mountain Road is close to town, and loads of fun

Town Mountain Road

A curvy route that gives you views of downtown and takes you to the Parkway. This road serves as a great training route to master cornering. It’s a very accessible road that for a quick ride and will be satisfying. Be aware that residents have been known to complain about speeders. 16 miles. 15-30 minutes travel time.

Exit 53 - I-240
Exit 5B Charlotte St.
Left off exit
Left onto College St. (couple of blocks)
Left onto Town Mountain Rd.

Lake Lure / Chimney Rock Run

Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Run

A road with a lot of switch backs and gorgeous creek side views. 43 miles. 1 ½ hours travel time. Chimney Rock is a rock that provides 75 miles of mountain viewing. Hiking and a 404 foot waterfall are also attributes of this site. Fun Fact: Lake Lure is the site of the film Dirty Dancing.

Learn more by visiting the: Chimney Rock web site.

Learn more by visiting the: Lake Lure web site.

I-40 (Exit 53A)
US 74A towards Lake Lure

Hot springs loop ride

Hot Springs

A countryside ride combined with some “hairier” riding. Hot Springs features hot tubs with natural mineral water to loosen tight muscles and sore backs.

Learn more by visiting the: Hot Springs web site.

I-40 (Exit 24)
NC 209 North

I-240 to Patton Ave. or I-40 exit 44 towards Asheville
Leicester Hwy or NC 63 to Trust
NC 209 North

Tree of Shame at Deal's Gap / Tail of the Dragon

Smokin’ Dragon / The Dragon at Deal’s Gap

A long worthy ride. Breathtaking views, tourist attractions and best of all 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch, the Dragon. The rule of letting faster riders pass certainly applies here. While on the Dragon you will likely notice yourself being photographed. One outlet for your pics is www.zeefoto.com. Look up your photo by date and bike type. See link below under cool places to visit. 131 miles - It takes approximately 2.5 hours travel time from Asheville.

For more information visit these links:
Map of The Dragon & The Cherohala Skyway

I-40 to exit 27 US 74
Exit 74 to US 441

Motorcycle Riding Intro

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Motorcycle Riding in Asheville and Western North Carolina