How to Find the Right Motorcycle

Motorcycle Riding Intro

"Finding a motorcycle is like finding a spouse: you learn from past dating experience what you like and dislike" - Hagebak

  • Determining the correct bike for you is no easy equation. It requires you to know yourself and what kind of rider you are. This is based upon style, personal taste, and your lifestyle. Below the types of bikes are listed. However, what is right for you is ultimately up to you.
  • If you are new to riding you may want to start on a smaller bike and graduate as YOU deem appropriate. Usually when a new rider chooses a new bike, one of two conditions exists, they either get one that is way to small and underpowered or they choose one that is way to big or overpowered. A smaller bike is usually good to start with.
  • Go out to the showrooms or shops and drool. It is always a good idea to get a lay of the land, and this area has a lot of knowledgeable salespeople that would be happy to answer your questions.
  • Determine your spending limit before you buy, otherwise your spouse may have you sleeping in the doghouse for awhile. Also, keep in mind that buying used may weigh less on the pocket to begin with, but unknown repairs can occur and you may end up spending an amount you could have spent on a new bike.

Types of Motorcycles

Many motorcycle manufacturers produce each type of motorcycle and therefore there are many options to choose from. Do your research.

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Standard Motorcycle

Standards have a riding position somewhere in between the forward position of a sports bike and the reclined position of a cruiser. Unlike touring bikes, Standards typically have little or no fairing. Luggage capabilities are often an optional extra but don't come standard. Standards are popular for commuting and other city riding as the upright riding position gives the rider and other road users’ greater visibility in heavy traffic.


Cruiser Motorcycle

Cruisers range from small to large motorcycles designed for comfort and looks with a relaxed upright seating position. This is what you think of when you think of a good old American style bike. Cruisers are notable for their heavy use of chrome and are often highly customized. They are oftentimes referred to as choppers, customs and cruisers.


Chopper Motorcycle

Choppers are highly customized motorcycles based on a cruiser-style frame with long rake (longer front forks) and wild paint jobs. These are created more for show than dependability and practical riding (chopper owners might argue this point).

Sport Bikes

Sport Bike

Sport Bikes are sometimes referred to as crotch rockets. These machines are designed for maximum performance and racing. They are fast, light, and sleek. Most can be distinguishable by their full fairings and the rider's "aggressive" riding position. It is a well known fact that Sport Bikes are not comfortable for longer trips. This style of bike was made for the speed junky and if you are looking to know your capabilities a sport bike will test every ounce of skill you have. “Power to weight,” is the name of the game with Sport Bikes and many of these machines match or exceed 1bhp of power for every 1Kg of mass.

Sport Touring Bikes

Sport Touring Bike

Sport Tourers’ are a hybrid mix of a sport bike and a touring motorcycle. They allow comfortable long-distance riding with more emphasis on sport-like performance than standard tourers. Basically they give you the touring option but keep the ride fun.

Touring Bikes

Touring Bike

Touring Bikes are designed for the long haul. These bikes seat riders and passengers in comfort, with luggage carrying capacity, and reliability. Cruisers, sport bikes and some dual-sports can also be used as touring bikes with the addition of aftermarket luggage and seats, but nothing beats the Cadillac of bikes, the Touring Bike.

Dual Sports / Enduro Bikes

Dual Sport Bike

Dual Sports and Enduro Bikes are street-legal motorcycles that are designed to also be used in off-road situations. Thus if one were planning a trip to a remote region or a place where roads aren't always intact, it might be wise to ride a dual-sport bike and therefore be ready for any road condition that might arise. A drawback to this type of bike is the height. Due to long-travel suspension the height of the seat poses difficulties for shorter people.

Dirt Bikes / Motocross Bikes / Off-Road Bikes

Dirt Bike

Off-Road Bikes are designed for racing, recreation, or sometimes long-distance riding in off-road conditions (gravel/mud/sand). These bikes are light, and very agile off-road.

Motorcycle Riding Intro

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Motorcycle Riding in Asheville and Western North Carolina