Hot Air Ballooning in Western North Carolina

Sunset Hot Air Ballooning over the mountains of Western North Carolina

If you enjoy the scenery and beauty of Western North Carolina, then you most likely have been to many of the overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, visited some of Transylvania Counties waterfalls, or been on a stroll in one of the many greenways the cities in this area have to offer. While all these pursuits and places have their allure, some of us have dreamed of flying up high in the sky with the birds, and daydreamed of the freedom and exhilaration. Why not try something different, and take a safe, relaxing, hot air balloon ride with one of the hot air balloon companies this area has to offer.

Firing up a Hot Air Balloon

Some of the delights you might enjoy while ballooning include, skimming the skies silently observing and appreciating the area’s geographic beauty, taking in the morning fog that drapes across the mountains around Asheville, gleaning a bit of ballooning history, and having an experience that you will never forget to the end of your days. So if you are tired of being stuck behind a line of traffic on the parkway, or just wish to get a different perspective, give these folks a call and most important of all remember to bring your camera.

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Asheville Hot Air Balloons
901 Smoky Park Hwy, Candler
(828) 667-9943
They offer two flights a day; Sunrise and Sunset. $225 per person and costs for a private flight is $600 per couple and includes complimentary champagne. The sunset flight is private only and offered in September and October. They have been in business for more than a quarter of a century.

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