Fanning the Club During the Takeaway

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Dear Jitterbug,

My tendency is to fan my hands to the inside on the takeaway. I know this is incorrect, and have tried to take the club more straight back, but can’t hit the ball when I do. Have you heard of this before? Any thoughts?

Tom McGlaughlin

Jitterbug Gang Fan


Tom, I see it all the time. Don’t think for a minute that you invented this problem.

Most often, the cause is a weak left hand position on the grip. The weak left hand makes it easy to hit the ball high and right, so the fanner rolls his hands to the inside in an attempt to swing from inside-to-out, thinking this will somehow square up the otherwise open clubface.

Another effect of the weak grip is an open face at address. For some reason, fanners like the look of an open face when they set up to hit the ball.

If any of this sounds like you, Tom, get with a good teacher who can rework your grip and takeaway.

Mr. Vaughn:

Although you fanners can hit it anywhere you’ve got two recurring mistakes in particular: the high right balloon shot, and low left snipe. To make matters worse, there is no discernable difference in the two swings, despite the polar-opposite results.

Once you get that club working more up and down the target line, instead of fanned around your body, you’ll at least limit your errant shots to one side of the course or the other.

Lord Berry:

The one good thing that comes from fanning the club is the deft touch one can develop around the green. Fanning the club, though debilitating to the rest of the game, provides softness to delicate greenside chips and pitches.

I bring this up not to encourage fanning, but so you will know where your hair-dresser like touch disappeared to after seeing your pro.

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Ask Jitterbug - Golf Advice Column by Bobby Steiner

Ask Jitterbug - Author Bobby Steiner

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The following are a list of golf teaching columns generously donated to us by teaching professional and author Bobby Steiner. Bobby teaches golf at The Practice Tee in East Asheville during the summer months, and at The Westin Mission Hills Resort during the winter.

You can reach Bobby at: or

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Fanning the Club During the Takeaway