Golf in Asheville and Western, North Carolina

Golf in Asheville, NC

What is Mountain Golf? The easiest and most accurate way to answer that question is diverse. From the course layouts and varying greens fees, to the multitude of people you encounter while playing these mountain gems, one is sure to encounter plenty of variety. Unlike the so-called golf Meccas of Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst, one of the biggest assets that architects encounter in Western North Carolina is the natural beauty and terrain of the region. In fact one course in particular serves as a microcosm of mountain golf's diversity. The Asheville City Municipal or simply 'Muni' to the locals is a rarity in that it is an original Donald Ross design with a greens fee of under $25. The most apparent example of Muni's ever-present diversity is the terrain. The front nine is mostly flat, similar to the courses from the piedmont and coastal regions of the Carolinas, but the back nine is mountain golf at its best. Tight off the tee with lots of elevation change, the back nine at Muni is a shot makers dream.

Well Known Course Designers

One doesn't have to look any further than the course designers to find a reason to explore the Asheville area golf scene. The Asheville area has courses from master architects including Jack Nicklaus (The Cliffs at Walnut Cove), Gary Player (The Cliffs at Mountain Park), Arnold Palmer (Cullasaja Club), and the aforementioned father of golf architecture, Donald Ross (Buncombe County Municipal, Biltmore Forest Country Club, Grove Park Golf Course and others). Perhaps even more telling of the rich golf scene of the mountains is that Tom Fazio, who may consider to be the modern day Donald Ross and the greatest living course architect actually, lives right here in Western North Carolina.

Just Get Out There!

Factual information is one thing, but to truly appreciate the rich history and diversity of golf in the highlands of North and South Carolina you have to experience it yourself. So throw out all the course reviews and online photographs, make the arrangements for your trip to Asheville, and get out there and tee it up. Just make sure you adjust your club selection for the elevation change and enjoy hitting a 9-iron 175 yards for the first time.

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Ask Jitterbug - Golf Advice Column by Bobby Steiner

Ask Jitterbug - Author Bobby Steiner

About the Author

The following are a list of golf teaching columns generously donated to us by teaching professional and author Bobby Steiner. Bobby teaches golf at The Practice Tee in East Asheville during the summer months, and at The Westin Mission Hills Resort during the winter.

You can reach Bobby at: or

All the Same Distance

I hit all my clubs, seven-iron and longer, the same distance. Do you know of a cure?

Bad Rhythm

My swing rhythm gets fast when I play. Do you have any suggestions to help me slow down?

Bad Teacher

There is a young assistant golf professional at our club who plays extremely well, but could use some help as a teacher. Any suggestions that might help him?

Ball Position

Can you explain your take on ball position? Forward for longer clubs? Back for shorter clubs?

Die or Lag

Do you think it is better to be a firm putter, or to putt the ball so that it barely drops into the cup?

Fanning the Club

My tendency is to fan my hands to the inside on the takeaway. When I use a straight takeaway I can't hit the ball.

Fix is the Problem

My friend has a knack for giving me helpful tips when we play. It works for about six holes, then I totally collapse. Have you heard of this?

Get the Ball to the Hole

I have a very difficult time getting my putts to the hole. Can you help?

Golf Schools

Are golf schools worth the money?

Guide the Ball

My golf instructor tells me that I try to 'guide' the ball too much. I've never heard this term, is it a bad thing?

Hip Slide

Can you explain the proper way to pivot during the backswing?

How Many Hours

I'm currently a solid 8-handicap, but I've reached a plateau. How might I rework my practice regimen to improve steadily like I used to?

Kids Learning Curve

My thirteen-year old son and I took up golf four years ago. Now, I am still struggling to break 100 while he shoots low 80s. How do I catch up?

Length of Backswing

I've read that the putting stroke should be the same length going back as going through. What is your take on it?

Long and Slow

I have great touch, and play standard chip shots quite well, but I can't hit a soft pitch of any length to save my life.

Make Practice Swing

I have a beautiful practice swing, but it doesn't carry over to my real swing. Any Suggestions?

More Distance

I'm a good athlete, but don't get the distance I think I should. How can I hit the ball farther off the tee?

No Scoop Chips

I suffer from the chipping yips; I can't prevent my right hand from taking over and flipping under the ball. How do I avoid scooping the ball?

No Touch Short Game

I have no short game touch, and I'm a good athlete. Everything I hit feels like a jab or punch. Any help?

No Whiffing

Golf is frustrating to me because I hardly ever get the ball up in the air. Please help!

Range Brilliance

I'm a great range player, but can't get it together on the course. Do you have any advice to help me?

Sound Swing

An assistant pro refers to some swings as "sound," and others, "not sound." Can you compare and contrast the two?

Taking Lessons

I've taken golf lessons for years from many different instructors, but I never get better. Are golf lessons the biggest scam ever thought up?

Teacher a Good Player

Do you think it is important that a teaching professional be a good player?
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