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WNC Disc Golf

Drive off the first tee at Richmond Hill Course - Asheville NC
Teeing off - 1st Hole Richmond Hill

Disc sports have most likely been played since the turn of the century, although the first known disc to be hurled around was the chakram, an ancient Indian weapon. However, going back to the turn of the century, The Frisbie Baking Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, made pies that were sold to many New England colleges. Clever and ravenous college students soon realized that the empty pie tins could be hurled and caught, providing endless hours of fun. The Frisbee was born soon after, and the sport of Disc Golf began the 1960’s where it was invented in many different locations by lots of different people all at the same time. Early courses started as “Object Courses” using anything from trash cans to lamp poles as targets, but the first permanent course was established on the U.C. Berkeley campus in 1970.

Steady Ed is Watching
Steady Ed is Watching!

The "Father of Disc Golf," ole "Steady Ed" Headrick pioneered the modern era of disc sports and created the first standardized target course. It was established in Oak Grove Park in La Canada Flintridge, California, which has in recent times changed names to "Hahamonga Watershed Park." Steady Ed coined the term "Disc Golf," invented the Disc Pole Hole, standardized the rules and equipment, founded the Disc Golf Association (DGA), the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and the Recreational Disc Golf Association (RDGA). Steady Ed’s dying wishes were to have his body cremated and made into discs. These discs were given to friends, family, and some were even sold with profits going to a nonprofit fund that built the "Steady Ed Memorial Disc Golf Museum" at the PDGA International Disc Golf Center in Columbia County, Georgia. Finally, one of the special addition Steady Ed discs was permanently fixed upon the roof of this Museum. The reason, discs "don't die, they just end up on roofs," as quoted by PDGA commissioner Brian Graham.

WNC Disc Golf

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