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Chris teeing off the 9th hole at the Richmond Hill Course - Asheville NC
Innova Brand Discs - Gazelle Long Range Driver and Birdie Putter
Dirty Brown Sinking his putt

Besides comfortable clothing, snacks and water, and a bag to carry your discs, there are the discs themselves. There is a wide assortment of discs out on the market today, and they are separated into four basic categories: Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Midrange Discs, and Putters and Approach Discs. Within each of these categories, each disc has its own distinct flight characteristics. Some discs are designed to fly straight, some are designed to roll, turn left or right, more advanced flight patterns, etc. This depends heavily upon the player and one’s technique, however, here are the basic four:

  • Distance Drivers: By far the most popular, these discs have a sharp beveled edge, are smaller in diameter, and are low profile. Distance drivers are typically the most difficult to control, but also have the ability to soar incredible distances.
  • Fairway Drivers: These Discs don’t have the same distance potential as the Distance Drivers, and are slightly slower, but the tradeoff is easier control and better glide.

Drivers in general, including the Distance and Fairway Drivers, have the sharpest edges, with most of their mass concentrated on the outer rim of the disc. This allows them to be thrown further, but also make them more unstable.

  • Midrange Discs: The next notch of Disc is the Midrange Disc. These are even more accurate than the Fairway Driver and definitely are slower, but are considered the most versatile, balanced discs in the game of Disc Golf. The majority of throws are performed using the Midrange Disc.
  • Putters & Approach Discs: Putters & Approach Discs are designed most similar to the Frisbee® that one would throw around leisurely with friends in a park. They are designed to fly the slowest and most predictably. They are the most accurate and easiest discs to throw.

Note: Beginners can usually make due with two to three discs. A Fairway Driver and/or a midrange disc and a Putter are enough for most beginners to enjoy the game.

WNC Disc Golf

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