Blue Ridge Parkway - Access and Closings

Access Points Near Asheville, NC and Seasonal Closing Information

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Access Points

  1. Bull Gap (Merrimon Ave. to Beaver Dam Lake Rd. to Elk Mountain Scenic Hwy OR Merrimon Ave. to Reems Creeks to Ox Creek Road)
  2. Craven Gap (Merrimon Ave. to Beaver Dam Lake Rd. to Webb Cove Rd.)
  3. Hwy. 70 (Tunnel Road) several miles west of Mall.
  4. Hwy. 74a between East Asheville and Fairview.
  5. Hwy. 25 between South Asheville and Arden.
  6. Hwy. 191 (Brevard Road) 2 Miles East of the Hwy 26.
  7. Hwy. 151 from Candler.

Blue Ridge Parkway Seasonal Travel Concerns, Closings

Blue Ridge Parkway are closed from time to time for repairs or due to dangerous weather conditions. Closings caused by repairs generally affect a small section and detours are well marked. Ice or snow may necessitate the closing of longer stretches of the Parkway. Some facilities remain accessible while others may not. If you are planning to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway between November and March, be sure to check with the National Park Service beforehand. Call the Park Information Line, 828-298-0398, or click here to learn about road and weather related closures.

With a range in elevation from 649 feet above sea level at the James River in Virginia to over 6,000 feet in the southern section of North Carolina, weather conditions can change rapidly. It’s wise to have some emergency supplies with you just in case a winter storm blows in unexpectedly.

Blue Ridge Parkway

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Parkway Access and Construction and Weather Related Closings