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A strong park and recreation system is essential for a thriving, healthy and happy community. A recent poll showed that four out of five Americans use their local recreation and park system. Furthermore, seventy percent have a park or recreation facility within walking distance of their home. The City of Asheville is gifted with a fantastic Parks and Recreation Department, one which sustains 54 public parks, 11 community centers, miles of greenways, and many exciting programs for its citizens. The department is distinguished with national accreditation and is a gold member winner. After School Programs, Athletics, Festivals & Events, Cultural Arts, Outdoor Recreation, Senior Programs, Summer Youth Programs, and Therapeutic Recreation are among the amenities that the City of Asheville offers its residents.

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For more detailed information about Asheville Parks and programs, including Azalea Park, Aston Park, Carrier Park, Montford Park, Pritchard Park, Pack Square, Riverside Cemetery, McCormick Field, Urban Trail, Haw Creek Park, Grove Park, Amboy Road River Park, and many more visit:

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Benefits of Asheville Parks and Recreation

Many Asheville residents were attracted to Asheville for its natural beauty and its cultural diversity and acceptance. There are many personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits to be garnered from such social institutions. Personally, enjoying city parks and recreation can help to manage daily stress, enhances balance, and allow Asheville citizens the chance to let go and play. Socially, Parks and Recreation provides opportunities for community involvement, promotes cultural and ethnic harmony, presents Asheville inhabitants with opportunities to try new things, and can help to reduce alienation and loneliness. Economically, Asheville Parks enhance property values, can motivate or attract business relocation/expansion in the Asheville community, promote a healthy and productive work force, are good for tourism, one of Asheville’s primary revenue sources, and pay for themselves by maintaining ecological balance with all of Asheville’s urbanization. Environmentally, they reduce run off from developed areas, protect natural and historical features of the natural landscape, provide habitat for local Asheville flora and fauna, provide more green spaces, and can help to reduce commuting which lowers pollution levels. These are but a sampling of the nearly endless benefits of Asheville Parks and Recreation programs.


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