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The neighborhoods and communities East of Asheville are generally broken into two distinct groups. First there are those communities due east of Asheville along Tunnel Road / Hwy 70, which parallels eastbound Hwy 40. The second group of communities are those to the southeast along Hwy 74-A towards Lake Lure.

Tunnel Road / Hwy 70 Neighborhoods, Communities and Towns

Tunnel Road begins just east of Downtown Asheville at its namesake tunnel, which passes through Baucatcher Mountain. Just southeast of the tunnel is Chunns Cove Rd, which travels northeast away from Asheville. The Chunns Cove Rd. area is similar to North Asheville, except that it is has slightly smaller more affordable homes. Below Chunns Cove Rd, Tunnel Rd travels south for about one mile though a highly commercialized zone before turning east and passing under Hwy 240.

Over then next 8-10 miles Tunnel Road / Hwy 70 passes through several neighborhoods and towns as it heads east toward Black Mountain. The first of these is Haw Creek. Haw Creek is known for its older homes and affordable apartment and condo housing. Next, Tunnel Road passes through Oteen and Swannanoa. Development in these areas varies greatly between smaller, older homes along the older more established roads, with new condos and homes in certain areas, especially closer the Tunnel Rd. There are also several newer high end developments at higher elevations in the area. Another characteristic of East Asheville is the contrast between the commercial zones that directly border Tunnel Road, and the more rural communities that can be found along the more established roads that travel perpendicular to it. One such example is Riceville Rd, which travels northeast of Tunnel Rd, between Oteen and Swannanoa, into the rural community of Riceville.

After Swannanoa Hwy 70 becomes less commercialized for a few miles before becoming more developed again as it approaches Black Mountain. Black Mountain is a quaint, relaxing community with a rich arts and crafts culture, wonderful dining options, many luxurious accommodations, and many beautiful homes.

Fairview Rd, Hwy 74-A Towards Lake Lure

The other corridor which is often described as East Asheville is Hwy 74-A towards Lake Lure. The first community in this direction is Oakley, which is located between the Biltmore Village and Hwy 240 on Fairview Rd. Oakley is one of the last sections of affordable housing near downtown, and is home to many young working class families.

Southeast of Oakley, Hwy 74-A passes through the communities of Reynolds and Fairview. These communities are best known for their abundance of high end mountain developments, many of which offer private gated entry and spectacular views. In fact this area will be home to the highly publicized new Cliffs Golf Community, “The Cliffs at High Carolina,” which will include a golf course designed by Tiger Woods. Fairview turns more rural as it travels farther southeast with some older more affordable homes. Even farther southeast you get into the extremely rural section between Asheville and Lake Lure, which has more campgrounds and rental cabins than homes.

Zip Codes

The residential zip code for East Asheville is 28805. Other zip codes associated with communities east of Asheville include: 28711, 28720, 28730, 28746, 28757, 28762, and 28778.

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