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Asheville, North Carolina is rapidly becoming nationally recognized as a top ranked tourist destination and has recently seen meteoric growth as people in all walks of life pack their bags and relocate to the area. Many people simply know that they want to move to Asheville, NC, but like most cities across the country, Asheville is a conglomeration of numerous smaller communities, neighborhoods and towns. Each of these towns boasts its own architectural style, cultural diversity, and socio economic makeup, and thus has a separate real estate market. Before you begin your real estate search in the Asheville area you should have at least a basic understanding of the communities and their relative positioning. Below you will find a list of communities, and towns by cardinal direction.

Downtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville is the cultural center of Western North Carolina. In the last 15 years downtown has undergone a complete makeover, with over $200 million being spent on revitalization efforts. As culture and commerce returned to downtown Asheville, residential development also increased. At first, developers began converting the upper floors of many commercial buildings into condos and apartments. As growth has outpaced available housing in Downtown Asheville in the past few years, new condo development has been frenetic. While several high-end projects are complete or are nearing completion, several others including the contentious project known as “The Ellington,” are still in the planning and approval phases. To locate somewhat more affordable condo housing in Asheville, look to the new developments located on the south side of the downtown.

If a more private or remote existence better suites your tastes, consider real estate in one of the communities located outside of downtown. Select a direction below to learn more.

North Asheville

The north side of Asheville is know for old houses with well established landscaping and in some cases wonderful Southwestern facing views of the city and beyond. While North Asheville is typically considered high-end real estate, several pockets of affordable housing exist, most notably the community of Woodfin.

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South Asheville

South Asheville is undoubtedly more commercialized than the North and West, however an abundance of shopping and dining options make it a top choice for many younger and working class families. The majority of development in South Asheville borders Hwy 25, known as Biltmore Ave. near Downtown and as Hendersonville Rd. further south. Highly regarded schools, proximity to the airport, and centrality between Asheville and Hendersonville all make South Asheville worth your time when shopping for real estate in the Asheville area.

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East Asheville

East Asheville, especially the Tunnel Road area is also highly commercialized, with an abundance of national chain restaurants, hotels and other businesses. However, unlike South Asheville, the east side of town offers a more rapidly changing landscape as you travel along Hwy 70 through Oteen and Swannanoa away from town. A few miles outside of Asheville it becomes more rural, and then more urban, artsy and cultured again once you reach Black Mountain. Development along Hwy 74-A in East Asheville has taken a different path. The communities of Fairview and Reynolds are known best for their abundance of high-end private communities. In fact this area will be home to the highly publicized new Cliffs Golf Community, “The Cliffs at High Carolina,” which will include a golf course designed by Tiger Woods.

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West Asheville

The Haywood Rd. area of West Asheville has seen a rapid transformation in recent years. This area was one of the last areas of town to see the revitalization that began downtown in the mid-1990s. Being a late blooming area, it proved to be the last bastion of affordable housing near downtown, and has thus seen rapid growth in the last five years. Beyond Haywood Rd. the landscape becomes more rural, aside from the scattered private communities such as Biltmore Lake. The landscape remains mostly rural for over 20 miles until you reach Waynesville, NC.

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Gated Mountain Communities

Western North Carolina is a vast mountainous region, and is blessed with lovely gentle valleys, crystal clear lakes and streams, blue green peaks soaring to nearly 7,000 feet above sea level, a vast matrix of state and national forests, and over 50 vibrant small cities and towns. This combination of extraordinary natural beauty, diverse and culturally rich cities and towns, and moderate four seasons climate all make the mountains of North Carolina extremely desirable both as a vacation destination and as a place to live.

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