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Alternative Health Care

Western North Carolina, and especially Asheville, provides the ideal environment for alternative health practitioners, including massage therapists, to flourish. The diverse residents of the area, as well as the near constant flow of visitors, support many spas, resorts, and individual massage practitioners, offering a wide range of massage modalities. The high demand for massages in the Asheville area has led to the creation of several excelent massage schools. The most notable of these schools is the Center for Massage and Natural Health, which operates a teaching facility 15 miles north of Asheville, a Retreat Center also located north of town, and a Therapy Center located in the heart of downtown Asheville. The Therapy Center offers massages from both professionals and students going thorough the final stages of certification.

Varied Massage Modalities

Like most modalities of natural health and healing, contemporary massage and body work techniques have evolved from the methods developed in a wide range of cultures and geographic regions of the world. Many of the massage modalities available in the Asheville area originated hundreds or even thousands of years ago in places such as China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and South America. While is would be impossible to list every possible modality on the site, we have chosen to categorize Asheville area massage therapists into several of the most popular massage forms found in the area. The massage and touch therapies we have currently list are: Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, Structural Integration, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage. Many massage therapists found within our directory practice more than one of these techniques, and some are trained in techniques beyond the scope of our directory.

Energy Healing

Along with massage and body work, we have also included several directories for practitioners who would be better described as Energy Healers. As with massage, there are many different modalities for energy healing from a variety of cultures and regions. For our Asheville healer’s directory, we have chosen to create a general Energy Healers category, as well as directories for the following energy healing modalities: Charka Balancing and Reiki. While these are just two of the many form of energy healing, they contain practitioners who also practice other forms of energy healing and body work.

Alternative Health Care

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Asheville Massage and Energy Healing