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Asheville is lucky to have an incredible classifieds resource known as the "IWANNA". In fact just about every Western North Carolina resident knows that IWANNA is the place to go if you want to buy or sell something. From antiques, appliances, and job listings to sporting goods, homes, apartments, and vehicles, the IWANNA isn’t just comprehensive, it’s established. Since its birth in 1976, the IWANNA classified newspaper has published several million ads and has positively affected the economy of North Carolina, South Carolina and even Tennessee.

The growth of the IWANNA has turned a four page, 59 classified-ad newspaper into a 300+ page newspaper with thousands of classified ads and 5 different editions: IWANNA Asheville NC, Greenville-Spartanburg SC, Hickory NC, Charlotte NC, and Tri-Cities TN.

History and Growth of IWANNA

From the beginning and still now, the Fayetteville Publishing Company, on of the nation's oldest family-owned newspapers, owns and operates IWANNA. Mr. and Mrs. Corn started the newspaper in Downtown Asheville, with the idea of a service-oriented publication. The IWANNA was devised, to make available for WNC residents, a convenient method for getting buyers and sellers of both new and used goods together.

The IWANNA, once a "little paper" with an old Volkswagen Beetle for a delivery vehicle and small downtown office outgrew those humble beginnings. They now own a 40,000 sq ft office and printing facility located off of Sweeten Creek Rd. with another office situated in Greenville SC. IWANNA publishes a WNC women’s magazine called "Sophie", has been franchised and the printing facilities are cutting edge in terms of their technology. Today, IWANNA is the largest and most extensively used classified resource and shopping guide for the Carolinas and most importantly for us, Western North Carolina.

Where Do I Find the IWANNA?

The IWANNA comes out every week on Tuesday and can be found at grocery stores, gas stations, and many other locations at the affordable price of $1 per issue. If you can’t get out to purchase a traditional, paper copy never fear. The IWANNA can be enjoyed from the web with 1, 2, 4, 13, 26, and 52 week membership options.


Go to IWANNA Asheville: www.ashevilleiwanna.com
Go to IWANNA: www.iwanna.com

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