Home Remodeling 101: How to Choose the Right Licensed Contractors

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Home remodeling is a diverse, creative and exciting field to work in. It takes skill, knowledge, inspiration and experience. When homeowners and commercial property owners plan remodeling projects they must be careful to choose the right licensed contractors to manage and complete all of the renovations. Whether you live in a metropolitan area like Atlanta, GA or a small town like Asheville, NC, home remodeling can be a wonderful experience if you find and hire a quality home remodeling expert.

What’s the most commonly misunderstood aspect of home remodeling?

People often don’t understand the individual licensing requirements, appropriate certifications, and the major differences or similarities between home remodeling professionals, general contractors, tile setters, plumbers, electricians and carpenters. It is important to ask for help when hiring licensed contractors for a home remodeling project. Companies like Beautiful Home in Asheville, NC have been created to help individuals find the licensed contractors they need. The experts at Beautiful Home will ask about your particular project and help place you with experienced, trustworthy contractors. If a company like this is not an option, educate yourself about your options before making a decision.

Do most home remodeling projects require the client to hire multiple licensed contractors at one time?

Depending on the scale and scope of the project, multiple contractors may be needed. Of course, if the remodeling contractor can do most everything in-house, it’s great for everyone involved, and it saves the clients money. Take scheduling, for instance. If you have three different crews all trying to work in the same room, there are inevitably delays. Delays are not as likely when one company is providing a lion’s share of the services rendered.

What about specialized tasks, such as tile flooring?

Tile setters should be able to explain step by step how tiling will be done. There are a lot of specific rules to keep in mind when working on kitchen tiles, for instance, laying tile on particleboard sub-flooring is not a good practice. When particleboard gets wet under tile it will delaminate and buckle. A competent tile setter can explain what they plan to do, and why they plan on approaching it that way, before anything is purchased and prepped.

How do separate the good licensed contractors from the bad ones?

Ask for a picture portfolio and plenty of references. When reviewing home remodeling jobs, pay attention to the molding and trim lines, make sure the corners are neat and tight. That’ll show whether or not the contractor takes their time and measures carefully.

When possible, visit the jobs currently being worked on and ask a lot of questions. A reputable contractor shouldn’t have a problem with showing you a project that’s not yet finished. Many contractors will have two or three jobs going at one time, and with the homeowner’s permission, potential customers should take a walkthrough and see it firsthand.

Outside of that, it’s also important to know that your contractor has insurance, and that they are bidding within the scope of their license. Remodeling jobs in the state of North Carolina under $30,000 don’t require a general contractor’s license, whereas any job over $30,000 does. Whether you are in a city like Raleigh or a small town like Asheville, NC botched jobs and renovation nightmares generally happen with contractors that work outside of the scope of their license.

About the Author - Brooks Suttle of Beautiful Home

Brooks Suttle of Beautiful Home

Brooks Suttle is the founder of Beautiful Home in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Beautiful Home specializes in helping homeowners, real estate agents, commercial property managers and homebuilders in Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas find quality, licensed contractors. The Beautiful Home database features painting contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, home remodeling professionals, carpenters and more located throughout Western North Carolina. Customers receive referrals for licensed contractors that have been investigated and reviewed by Beautiful Home staff at no charge.

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