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Landscaping is both technical and creative. It is a craft that takes careful planning, preparation and a steady hand. Landscapers in Western NC know this better than most. The Blue Ridge Mountains around Asheville, NC have a unique and diverse ecosystem, filled with an array of terrains and plant life. If you are searching for a landscaper to help design and plant on your mountain property here are a few things to keep in mind before hiring a NC landscaping company or an independent contractor.

Licensing for Landscaping Contractors in North Carolina

In North Carolina, licenses are not required for landscaping. There are state and professional organizations that exist, such as the North Carolina Landscape Contractors Registration Board or the North Carolina Board of Landscape Architects and many trained and skilled professionals are associated with these groups. Once you have a few possible landscape artists in mind, check their references. Most landscaping companies and independent contractors are happy for a chance to show off their landscaping designs.

Buy the Appropriate Plants When Making Landscaping Home Improvements

All plants are rated for various zones. Zone 1 is artic, while Zone 10 is tropical. In the Appalachian region, outdoor plants typically are either a zone 5 (if the temperature drops below 0 in the winter) or a zone 6 (if the temperature stays above 0 in the winter). Any plants that have ratings outside of 5 and 6 will most likely struggle and possibly die either in the summer or winter, depending on the type of plant. A typical mistake people make is to purchase plants meant for other regions when they are following modern trends. Popular magazines and TV shows sometimes highlight plants meant only for specific regions, and any Western NC landscape contractor should inform you immediately what plants can and can not sustain growth over time.

Develop a Planting and Maintenance Strategy for Commercial or Residential Landscaping

Some plants require a landscaping artist to continually provide care, while others can be watered and cared for by tenants, property managers or homeowners. Sensitive plants may require extra attention for front lawn landscaping. In North Carolina native plants like rhododendrons and laurel grow naturally in the woods and sometimes have a more difficult time thriving in an open lawn. This can mean routine visits by a landscaping professional and additional cost to the property owner. It’s also good to keep the long-term in mind when purchasing plants. Some trees last hundreds of years, while other trees live for thirty. Ask the landscaping contractor the average lifespan of each plant before any purchases are made.

Test Your Landscaping Contractor’s Knowledge: Ask About Soil Preparation

Soil preparation is extremely important for new plants to sustain life, and a professional landscaping artist can explain how soil preparation will differ for various types of plants. Experienced landscaping contractors will also provide you with a detailed contract that clearly outlines all of the work and plants you will pay for; be certain the contract outlines all soil preparation time and clean up time, as well as the actual planting. Before making any purchases, ask your landscaper if they offer a one-year warranty on the plants. Many landscapers don’t offer a warranty because outside circumstances may kill a plant, but if your landscaper guarantees that the plant will live as long as it’s properly watered and cared for, then they are most certainly worth hiring.

Last but not least, enjoy! Once your have hired a landscaping contractor to help make your home improvements your yard will become an even more special place. Invite family and friends to share the beauty of your beautifully landscaped mountain property.

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Brooks Suttle of Beautiful Home

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