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Whether you are planning a large home remodeling project or simply taking on a small home maintenance or improvement task we hope to provide the resources and tools to make your job easier and more successful. Home remodeling and improvement projects of all sizes can be exciting, challenging, frustrating, but are typically rewarding, because they can make your home more comfortable, livable and typically increase the resale value. The Asheville area and greater Western NC has seen a lot of new construction over the last few years and therefore there are a wide variety of contractors and specialists available to handle nearly any home improvement task. Use the articles and business directories listed below to educate yourself and prepare for your project.

Planning / Evaluating Your Situation

The first step is evaluating your renovation, remodeling or improvement needs and then creating a plan of action. The planning phase is a good time to bring in friends and family for their input, suggestions and advice. Also call on anyone you know with an understanding of remodeling and construction, because it is always better to get unbiased free advice, rather than relying entirely on competing contractors to give you the best suggestions.


Once you have a basic plan it is time to determine your budget for your home remodeling project. Having a firm budget will make the meetings with contractors much easier. If your savings won’t cover the costs of your improvement project then you may have to consider taking out a home equity loan or line of credit to cover the expense of the remodeling project.

Finding the Right Contractor

If you are unable to do the remodeling job yourself you will need to hire a contractor to complete the project. Begin by asking your friends and family for suggestions. Also consult our home improvement directories found at the bottom of this page for a list of Asheville and Western NC contractors specializing in a variety of home improvement tasks. Once you have selected your finalists, ask for references, take a look at their past work, and try to compare at least three different quotes. If you are undertaking a large project that will use several specialists you might save some time by hiring a general contractor to handle the management of the project. For a detailed guide to finding a specific type of contractor visit our In-depth Home Remodeling articles.

Getting the Work Done / Managing the Outcome

If you choose to manage to project yourself then make sure to keep a close eye on the progress. If you have hired a general contractor then make sure to meet with them regularly to monitor the progress. Also, plan accordingly if the home renovation will require you to find other living quarters for part of the project.

When the project is complete make sure you examine the work thoroughly before making the final payment and keep organized records of all guarantees and any warrantees that you acquired during the process.

Home Remodeling and Improvement Articles

The above articles have been generously contributed by Brooks Suttle of Beautiful Home. To learn more about Brooks please read his author bio found at the bottom of each of his articles.

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