Government and Public Safety

City Government

Pack Place Skyline - Asheville North Carolina in Buncombe County

The city of Asheville is governed by the Asheville City Council, which consists of a mayor and six council members chosen in non-partisan elections. Policies, ordinances, and tax rates are set by the city council, as well as the overseeing of the day-to-day municipal operations of Asheville. Each month on the second and forth Tuesday at 5:00 pm formal city council meetings are held in the city council chamber on the second floor of City Hall. Each month on the first and third Tuesday at 3:00 pm work sessions are held on the first floor north conference room of the City Hall, and are open to the public.

City Government Numbers

Asheville City Hall 828-251-1122
Mayors Office 828-259-5600
City Manager 828-259-5604
City Attorney 828-259-5610
City Clerk 828-259-5601
Economic Development Director 828-259-5433
Budget and Research Director 828-259-5629
Civic Center Director 828-259-5736
Engineering Department Director 828-259-5617
Finance Director 828-259-5598
Human Resources Director 828-259-5690
Parks and Recreation Director 828-259-5800
Planning Director 828-259-5830
City Development Director 828-232-4500
Community Development Director 828-259-5830
Public Works Director 828-259-5935
Water Resources Director 828-259-5955

County Government

Asheville City County Plaza - City Building and Courthouse

Partisan elections are held every four years to elect the five members of the Buncombe County Board of County Commissioners. County Commissioners set property tax rates, determine budgets, and set policy. The county manager develops programs and is responsible for personnel management, as well as being in charge for preparing the annual budget for the County Commissioners. Each month on the first and third Tuesday at 4:00 pm board meetings are held on the second floor of the Buncombe County courthouse in room 204. Meeting minutes can be viewed by the public on the counties website at or viewed in suite 105 at One Oak Plaza.

County Government Numbers

County General Information 828-250-4000
Buncombe County Commissioners Office 828-250-4001
County Manager 828-250-4100
Buncombe County Library System 828-250-4711
WNC Regional Air Quality Agency Directory 828-255-5655
Board of Elections 828-250-4200
County Attorney 828-254-6415
County Clerk 828-250-4105
County Planner 828-250-4830
Emergency Medical Service Director 828-255-5638
Health Department Director 828-250-5214
Nature Center Director 828-298-5600
Recreation Services Director 828-250-4260
Register of Deeds 828-250-4300
Department of Social Services Director 828-250-5700
Tax Collections Manager 828-250-4910

Public Safety/Emergency Numbers

Officer Dave - Asheville NC

Police Department

Emergency 911
Non-emergency - 24 hour 828-252-1110
Information - 8:30 - 5:00 pm 828-259-5870

Sheriff's Department

Emergency 911
Non-emergency 828-255-5555
Information 828-255-5000

Fire Department

Emergency 911
Buncombe County Commissioners Office 828-259-5636
Fire & Safety 828-253-1197

Other Important Numbers

State Highway Patrol  
     Emergency 828-298-4252
     Non-emergency 828-298-4256
Magistrate's Office 828-250-4690
Carolina Poison Center 800-848-6946
Rape Crisis Center 828-255-7576
Helpmate (for victims of family violence) 828-254-0516
Crimestoppers 828-255-5050
The Mediation Center 828-251-6089
Pisgah Legal Services 828-253-0406
Buncombe County Emergency Management 828-255-5638
Civil Air Patrol 828-687-2875
Forest Service 828-257-4200

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Government and Public Safety Numbers