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Asheville is the most popular tourist destination in Western North Carolina, and for its size one of the most popular in all of the Southeastern United States. According the city statistic, over 2 millions overnight travels visit Asheville each year. Many of these travels choose one of the many Asheville Hotels as their lodging while visiting the area. There are an abundance of hotels in the Asheville area, many of which are grouped around popular attractions and high traffic areas.

Areas with Abundant Asheville Hotels

When choosing a hotel it is important to consider what attractions and areas of town you want to be close to. Many people who fly into Asheville, via the Asheville Regional Airport, choose to stay in a hotel near the airport. There are several hotels very close to the airport, and several more within a few miles. Another part of town with a high density of hotels is Biltmore Village. This area lies near the intersection of Hwy 40 and Hwy 25, which intersect three miles south of downtown, and is fairly close both Downtown Asheville and the Biltmore Estate. For those who want to be close the Asheville Mall and the other dining and shopping options in East Asheville, there is the Tunnel Rd. area. Tunnel Rd. begins just east of Downtown and travels parallel with Hwy 240 for several miles in a southeastern direction before heading east toward Black Mountain. Tunnel Rd. has the highest density of Hotels in Asheville, including many of the most affordable. Downtown Asheville, and the area just north of Downtown, have several hotels, with a few more under construction. While these hotels are typically more expensive, they offer the luxury of reaching all the dining, shopping, and cultural attractions in Downtown Asheville without driving or getting a taxi. There are several other parts of town with a few hotels, including West Asheville at the intersection of Hwy 40 and Hwy 19/23, and also in South Asheville on Hwy 25.

Finding a Hotel in Asheville

Use our Hotels and Motels Directory to find the right hotel for you. Many of the hotels in our directory list the distance and direction from Downtown Asheville, allowing you to find one that best suites your trip itinerary. Enter our Hotels Directory to begin.

Other Asheville Lodgings

For many the allure of Asheville is the small town atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, and the endless outdoor activities that these mountains offer. To better appreciate these qualities of Asheville, many travels forgo the hotel; instead choosing a more relaxed and personalized accommodation. Lodgings that better fit this description are abundant in Asheville and include the following: Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, Rental Cabins, Rental Houses, and Resorts. While these lodgings are often more expensive than hotels, they typically provide a more fulfilling vacation experience and are well worth the added cost.

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Asheville Hotels Near Downtown, the Airport and Biltmore Estate and Village