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Visitors to Asheville and Western North Carolina who want a peaceful, relaxing vacation should consider a rental cabin. Rental cabins typically offer levels of privacy and closeness to nature that are difficult achieve in a hotel or inn, while offering comfort and luxury impossible to obtain from camping. Many people searching for Asheville Cabins are more specifically looking for Cabins near Asheville, which offer access to both the city of Asheville and the abundant Outdoor Activities offered by the surrounding mountains. Some of the activities that are often associated with rental cabins include: hiking, skiing, fishing, golf, kayaking, mountain biking, and gem and mineral collecting. While many Western NC cabins are positioned near these outdoor attractions, others are located much closer to Downtown Asheville.

Types of Asheville Cabins

Rental cabins are well distributed across of the Western NC and come in a wide variety of styles. Some are actually log cabins, or at least rustic cabin like structures, while others are more or less small rental houses. Many are placed close together and offer minimal levels of luxury, similar to summer camp lodgings, while others are extravagantly built, offering amenities including hot tubs, hardwood floors, luxury kitchens, stone fireplaces, entertainment centers, and much more. Some cabins are located on the shores of mountain lakes and rivers, while others are isolated on mountaintops with spectacular views. Many Asheville Bed and Breakfasts even offer cabins onsite for those wanting a private space while enjoying associated B and B amenities. Basically, there are enough different types of cabins in Asheville and Western North Carolina to fulfill the vacation expectations of all of the varied travelers who visit these mountains each year.

Finding Asheville Cabins

Once you have decided that an Asheville Cabin is your preferred lodging type for your next mountain vacation, you still must locate one that fits your budget and itinerary. To begin your search, check out our listing of Cabins and Vacation Rentals in the Asheville area. Many of the cabins and rental houses listed offer the distance and direction from Downtown Asheville. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our directory, then consider refining your search on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. To find the Asheville area cabin you are looking for try searching for “Cabins near ...” or “Asheville Cabins with ...,” where he ... is replace with an attraction, town, or amenity that is of particular interest to you. Hopefully using our Cabins Directory or a more advanced search you will be able to find an Asheville cabin that suites your needs.

Other Asheville Lodgings

For many the primary reason for traveling to Asheville is to be in close proximity to the vibrant downtown cultural scene that is Downtown Asheville. While Asheville cabins are great for outdoors enthusiasts, honeymoons, anniversaries, and an overall relaxing vacation, they typically don’t offer easy access to downtown. Lodgings in the following categories are more likely to fit the needs of travelers who want to be near the action: Hotels, Hostels, and Bed and Breakfasts.

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