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For special occasions or a romantic getaway, nothing beats the combination of luxury and accessibility offered by bed and breakfasts. Many choose these cozy, inviting accommodations for honeymoons, anniversaries, holiday travels, group travel, and even small to medium sized weddings. The Asheville area, including the perimeter of the city itself, offers a plentiful selection of amazing bed and breakfasts. Many Asheville bed and breakfasts offer luxury themed suites, beautiful landscaped surroundings, onsite spa services, full dining options, and much more.

Bed and Breakfast Lodgings near Downtown Asheville

Just north of Downtown Asheville is the Montford Historic District. Montford Ave. and surrounding streets are home to many of Asheville’s best known and most popular bed and breakfasts. Many of these elegantly refurbished Victorian bed and breakfasts boast dinner dining, spa services and exquisite gardens. Just to the east of Montford, also in North Asheville is the Grove Park Inn. Several of the larger homes surrounding the inn have been converted into bed and breakfasts. If these lodgings in North Asheville don’t fit your needs then consider looking for one in the communities around Asheville.

Surrounding Towns and Communities

Nearly every town and community in Western North Carolina offers at least one bed and breakfast. The main towns that surround Asheville are Black Mountain to the east, Hendersonville to the south, Waynesville to the west, and Weaverville to the north. Each of these towns and many of the smaller communities in between have bed and breakfasts matching the luxury and amenities offered by those near Downtown Asheville.

Finding a Bed and Breakfast

Many of the bed and breakfasts in Asheville and surrounding communities can be found in our Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns Directory. If you have difficulty finding the bed and breakfast you desire in our directory consider trying a more specific search in a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Try including the part of town or community, particular amenities, or attractions you would like to be near in your search.

Other Asheville Lodgings

If a bed and breakfast isn’t right for your next Asheville vacation, don’t be alarmed. Asheville has many other types of lodgings to choose from. For a more affordable option consider visiting our Asheville Hotels guide. For even more privacy and relaxation check out our Asheville Cabins guide or our Asheville Vacation Rentals guide. Visit our Asheville Lodging overview for other lodgings, such as hostels, campgrounds, resorts and retreat centers.

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Beaufort House Inn
Beaufort House Inn
A Unique Experience, Casual Elegance
The Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway
Only 1/2 Miles from Downtown Asheville 
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