Nantucket 66 Inch Round Plank Dining Table

Nantucket 66 Inch Round Plank Dining Table
B & S Furniture's Nantucket Round 66" Dining Table built by our owner and Master Wood Worker Bruce Stacy!! This hand crafted table can be built in any of the following diameters: 42"~ 48" ~ 52" ~ 54" ~ 56" ~ 58" ~ 60" ~ 64" ~ 66" The 66" diameter table is $895.00~ The plank top is made using: OAK~PINE~MAHOGANY~ASH~BIRCH~MAPLE~CHERRY~WALNUT~HICKORY....... Hummmmmmm I think that about covers it!!! The pedestal is from a company called Hekman Furniture and comes to us perfectly finished in black with a brown ring around it. The very base of this pedestal that touches the floor is 30" wide. We finished the pedestal in Benjamin Moore Willow Creek {#1468} paint & the plank top is finished in our commercial product to match Benjamin Moore's Cape Cod Gray {#911} paint. We can build this table and finish it however you would like it. WOW What A Table!!!!! TO VIEW MORE OF OUR FURNITURE SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: FACEBOOK.COM/BANDS.FURNITURE2. FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US OR CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS~ 828-764-1149 BANDSFURNITURE@GMAIL.COM

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