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Asheville is a hot-bed for the creative spirit. This spirit infuses our town, and like a well seasoned meal, Asheville is vibrantly flavorful. Our creativity can be seen in the architecture of downtown, the numerous art galleries and exhibits, and especially in the countless artisans who make a living in these mountains. Talent is in abundance when it comes to Asheville's Artistic realm, and it is no surprise given the inspiring natural backdrop that surrounds the valley we call home. Furthermore, the open mindedness and tolerance of Asheville has bred citizens who appreciate and have a healthy appetite for the arts.

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Asheville Downtown Gallery Association, 2007 Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, Asheville Graffiti

Since the end of the 19th Century, when George Vanderbilt summoned in artisans and artists from various centers of civilization to assemble his vast mansion just south of downtown, this area has been alive with the arts. The influx of artists added to the Native American art and the European settler’s art, making Western North Carolina, and more specifically Asheville, quite the center of artistic activity. In later years geologists determined the soil to be rich in feldspar and clays, bringing potters to the area.

Today Asheville is lucky to have leaders that support the arts, as well as many local organizations that also support the arts, such as Arts 2 People, and thousands of ingenious and passionate local artists.

Downtown Asheville is Alive with the Arts

Bicycle Jousting - Asheville LAAFF Festival

Downtown Asheville enjoys its own artistic microcosm. Just strolling downtown in Asheville it is easy to enjoy art on almost every corner. Stunning Architecture, graffiti, unique galleries, craft shops, tattoo parlors, theatres, churches, Museums, and street performers, these are the norm in Asheville...
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Asheville River Arts District

Wedge Studios - Asheville River Arts District

In recent times a revival has ensued and a thriving art scene has developed. The Underground Asheville Guidebook by Tom Kerr describes the resurgence as such, "Glass blowers, sculptures, metal workers, painters, photographers, woodworkers, actors, dancers, and musicians have converted the industrial and manufacturing zone from an aesthetic wasteland into one of the liveliest, creatively-charged art scenes in this part of the country..."
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Art Beyond Asheville

Sand Art - VW Sand Beetle

Arguably, Asheville is the cultural center of Western North Carolina. With that said the entire WNC area is infused with and breaths great art. In fact it is easy to see the creative spirit that has permeated the entire region, by just getting out and exploring...
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