HATCHfest in Asheville, NC

Asheville’s first international festival for mentoring, showcasing, and networking in the creative and media arts.

April 15th – 19th 2009

Click here for the complete 2009 festival schedule.

Locations and venues will include the Asheville Area Arts Council (front gallery), Echo Mountain Studios, Fine Arts Theatre, Blue Spiral and The Orange Peel. Film screenings, concerts and exhibits from groundbreaking artists from around the world will occupy these venues. All educational events will be free to the general public.

What is HATCHfest?

HATCHfest is the first international mentoring festival for the creative and media arts communities. This festival is a celebration that springs naturally from the HATCH mission: To provide mentorship, education, inspiration, and recognition to the next generation of creative innovators. Each HATCHfest brings together luminaries in the arts and entertainment world to serve as mentors to groundbreaking new creative talent. The magic of HATCHfest comes to life when this unique community of creative minds from many disciplines including film, music, journalism, architecture, photography, graphic design, fashion design, technology, and fine art, engage in the spirit of mentoring, networking and play.

HATCHfest Asheville

HATCHfests are multi-day experiences that include performances and exhibitions; interactive mentoring labs, panels and demonstrations; lectures by the most innovative artists in the world; parties, awards and an overall community of creativity, optimism and inspiration. While mentors and groundbreaking artists are invited guests chosen by HATCH for each festival, everyone with a creative spirit is invited to attend.

HATCHfests energize creativity, community, culture, and commerce in the cities and regions where they are held.

HATCHfest began in Bozeman, Montana and has been celebrating creative mentorship each October since 2004. Now, the festival’s uniqueness and popularity have inspired a second event location. Beginning in April 2009 the HATCHfest experience will expand to Asheville, North Carolina and will thereafter become a biannual event held in Asheville each spring and Bozeman each autumn. In future years, HATCH leaders envision the addition of a third, rotating international location for HATCHfest given the global reach of the HATCH mission and community.

About HATCH Asheville

Shadow in the door.

HATCH Asheville is a non-profit company based in Asheville that has exclusive right to execute the HATCH plan – including HATCHfests, HATCHlabs, and other expressions of HATCH.

What is HATCH?

HATCH is an international non-profit organization committed to mentoring in the creative and media arts. The mission of HATCH is to provide mentorship, education, inspiration, and recognition to the next generation of creative innovators.

Over the past five years HATCH has matured into a global community that activates its mission through networking, labs, festivals, and an ongoing dialog between creative professionals and groundbreaking new artists and innovators. HATCH is designed to ignite the enthusiasm and creativity of young artists throughout the world, by connecting new filmmakers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, writers, performance and fine artists with award-winning veterans in the arts communities. The inspiration of one affects the lives of millions. Who’s next?

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