Asheville NC Festivals in December

Annual Holiday Gingerbread Competition

Annual Holiday Gingerbread Competition - At the Grovepark Inn

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Grove Park Inn
290 Macon Ave.
Asheville, NC 28804

Nov. 14, 2007 - Jan. 6, 2008

Each year the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa hosts The National Gingerbread House Competition, which is spread throughout its interior areas for visitors to enjoy. Contestants hail from across our great country, bolstering holiday spirits with "sugar-and-spice" architectural masterpieces. The display is not only the best collection of gingerbread houses you will ever see, it is free and viewable 24 hours a day. The rest of the grove park is in full holiday mode as well, and boasts gorgeous holiday displays, a giant fireplace to warm your soul, pictures with Santa, and one of the best views of Asheville from Grove Park’s Sunset Terrace. The grand prize gingerbread winners of the competition are transported to New York City and make their appearance on ABC’s "Good Morning America" show.

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Asheville Festivals in December