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Sarah Thompson

Local expert and tour guide from Asheville Food Tours, Chris Ortwein, has worked with Stray Boots to bring two mobile adventures to Asheville: Downtown Asheville and Asheville Brew and Chew. While exploring, urban explorers are introduced to some of the coolest locations and stop into some of the quirky spots and local merchants that give Asheville its unique charm.

Part scavenger hunt, part tour, the Stray Boots app guides players around Asheville to solve a series of challenges and trivia questions while earning points, taking fun photos, and learning about the history and culture Asheville has to offer.

On the Downtown Asheville tour, start with champagne and literary history at the Grove Arcade before indulging your sweet tooth at one of Asheville's tastiest artisan chocolates shops. While exploring with the Brew and Chew tour, ample local delicacies and learn history and trivia about mankind's favorite drink. Who was the booziest Founding Father? Which culture first started making brews thousands of years ago?

Through their iPhone and Android app, Stray Boots offers over 80 self-guided tours, in over 25 cities in 3 different countries (US, UK and Israel). The tours play out like a scavenger hunt; customers liken it to doing your own private Amazing Race. Until recently, all tours were created by the Stray Boots team, but they have now launched a tool for local experts to create their own tours, privately or publicly. One of their first locally generated tours is in Asheville, where local Chris Ortwein will receive 50% of the revenue from any of his tours sold.

Asheville Now readers have the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on the tour. To claim your discount, follow these instructions:

Happy Exploring!

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Home > About Asheville > Planning a Visit

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