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Ellie Pinkham

The Steve Davidowski and Friends Christmas Concert returns to Marshall Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m. Dec. 19 to present a mix of jazz, traditional Mountain, and Celtic Christmas music that has become an exciting Christmas tradition in Madison County.

The concert benefits Neighbors in Need, a crisis food pantry in Madison County which gives food and financial assistance in crisis situations for Madison County residents. Neighbors in Need is a 501(c)(3) charity supported by local churches and volunteer workers. All concert monetary and food donations will go directly to Neighbors in Need.

Marshall's favorite, Steve Davidowski, is a pianist/saxophonist/flautist/clarinetist. While living in Georgia in the 1970s, Davidowski was the original keyboard player in the southern fusion band The Dixie Dregs, and also performed and recorded with Vassar Clements and many others in Nashville. He is a master of jazz and is also developing a mountain music hybrid he calls Xenobilly.

Local musicians and artists join Steve to present an evening of Christmas music with a twist of jazz, country, and Celtic.

Concertgoers are advised to come early to get the best choice of parking and seating.

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