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Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, Seduction Sideshow burlesque cabaret invites you to join them for an all-new show entitled "Bedtime Stories".

Prepare yourselves for irreverent nighttime tales filled with drama, intrigue, humor, and depravity when Seduction Sideshow examines some of the stories told in the bedroom and felt in our hearts.

Performing together since 2007, Seduction Sideshow continues to sell out show after show. They draw on the best of burlesque, erotic theatre, vaudeville, sketch comedy, and circus performance. In their latest production, you'll see some of the sexiest and most entertaining performers in Asheville re-create some of childhood's favorite stories.

Seating is limited, so show up early. Grab your seat, get cozy, and let Seduction Sideshow share some Bedtime Stories with you! They guarantee you'll go home fully satisfied and ready to be tucked in between the sheets.

Opening Act: Hellblinki -

After show dance party with Bumerang -

Two Shows:
Friday, April 4th - 10pm (doors at 9pm)
Saturday, April 5th - 10pm (doors at 9pm)

Toy Boat Toy Boat Community Art Space
101 Fairview Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

Bar and refreshments will be available.

Ticket Price: Just $15 gets you full entry if you are over $21. $20 for 18-21. 18 & over only.

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