Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon Chooses Blue Lace For Asheville Fashion Week

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Kelly Calhoun

By Kelly Calhoun, Managing Director, Administration and Production ~ Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon

Let's face it. No matter what our age, all of us want to turn heads when we walk into a room. That's why 33 year old Kate Middleton and 77 year old Jane Fonda both donned an exquisite blue lace dress to entertain royalty and grace the Cannes' runway, respectively. And that's why Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon chose an exquisite blue lace dress as its signature piece for Asheville Fashion Week.

Sponsored by Gage Models and Talent Agency, Asheville Fashion Week will be held August 5-8 in downtown Asheville. During this first ever event, Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon will join other local designers to showcase its first high end ready-to-wear women's fashion collection at the Grand Finale on Saturday, August 8 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville.

Inspired by Kate Middleton's impeccable taste for blue and lace, The Anna Dress In Blue Lace is designed to look fabulous on every woman's body type. Floral and lace add a soft womanly touch coupled with a sophisticated day look that easily transforms into evening elegance for that spectacular night out. Blue Lace Beauty.

Every woman knows that when we shop for that perfect dress, what we are really searching for is that elusive couture chemistry that not only attracts others to us but, more importantly, makes us feel attractive to ourselves.

Anna Gordon Sacred Fashion knows that fashion has the power to transform lives and that's why we approach every collection as if it were "Sacred." We strive to design clothing that all women will adore and cherish. Upon donning each exquisite piece, we want women to immediately feel a sense of power, a sense of confidence, a sense of both inner and outer beauty.

The Anna Dress In Blue Lace is available for purchase through our website or at our showroom on the top floor of the Flat Iron Building in Asheville, NC.

We invite you to enter our world so we can change yours. Be Sacred!

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Allessia - Monday, August 03, 2015 @ 7:16:18 pm

Made me feel more attractive just by seeing the beautiful dress and reading the beautiful article! Thanks!!

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